September 17, 2021

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‘Terrorist’ shouting ‘Allahu Akbar stabs the mother of two policemen to death at the French police station’

'Terrorist' shouting 'Allahu Akbar stabs the mother of two policemen to death at the French police station'

A “TERRORIST” shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he ambushed and killed a police worker by stabbing her in the throat today, reports say.

The maniac was later reportedly shot to death by at least one other officer after the depraved attack on a police station in France.


Policewoman died after being “ stabbed in the throat at a police station in Rambouillet, near Paris ”Credit: AFP

The blade-wielding attacker broke into the entrance to Rambouillet station near Paris at around 2pm local time and killed the 49-year-old mother.

He walked in and shouted “Allahu Akbar” – which means “God is the greatest” – as he launched the sick attack, union police officer François Bersani told BFM TV.

An investigative source said the officer was taken by surprise after she “jumped out of the station to change her car’s parking disc.”

“When she returned to the station, the man was waiting for her and cut her throat twice with a knife,” they added.

Unfortunately the victim, an administrative officer of the station, died of his injuries.

French President Emmanuel Macro then stated that “he will never give up the fight against Islamist terrorism”.

Mr. Macron said the Yvenlines department where Stephanie died was the scene of previous terrorist attacks.

“Stephanie was killed in her Rambouillet police station in the already damaged area of ​​Yvelines,” Macron said.

“The nation is with its family, colleagues and the police. In the fight against Islamist terrorism, we will not give up.”

French media reported that the killer, from Tunisia, was hit by two bullets fired by police officers.

He was 37 years old and had arrived in France as an undocumented immigrant in 2009 before being allowed to stay, a source said, adding that “he was not known to counter-terrorism agents.”

Officials have not yet said whether the attack was linked to terrorism


Officials have not yet said whether the attack was linked to terrorism

An investigative source said: “The attack took place shortly after 2pm. The administrative officer was attacked by the man, who cut her throat with a knife.

“The attacker was shot dead by police officers soon after, while trying to save the victim.”

Yvan Assioma, of the Alliance Police Union, said his unidentified colleague “died on the spot”, describing her as a “mother of two 49-year-old children”.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally, said: “The same horrors continue to occur, the same infinite sadness when one thinks of the relatives and colleagues of this policewoman, the same profiles of people guilty of this barbarism, the same Islamic motives. .. “

Officials said the Versailles prosecutor was investigating, but did not disclose whether it is being treated as a terrorist-related incident.

The Counter Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office said it was not currently involved.

But the president of the Paris region Valerie Pecresse told BFM TV that terrorist motives cannot be ruled out.


Confirming the attack, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Twitter: “A police officer was the victim of a knife attack at the Rambouillet police station.”

Prime Minister Jean Castex will visit the city – 40 miles from the French capital and known for its “tranquility” – government spokesman Gabriel Attal said.

He also said on Twitter: “The Republic has just lost one of its daily heroines, in a barbaric gesture of infinite cowardice.

“To their loved ones, I want to express the support of the whole nation.

“To our security forces, I want to say that I share their emotions and their indignation.”

The SCPN, representing the national police force, tweeted: “The national police are once again hit by a despicable attack.

“Support for our colleague’s family and loved ones.

“All police officers of all grades and bodies know that serving means risking one’s life in the face of fanaticism and extremists.”

French police officers and firefighters near the scene in Rambouillet


French police officers and firefighters near the scene in RambouilletCredit: AFP

Rambouillet is normally a quiet commuter town southwest of Paris and is known for its historic castle.

Local MP Aurore Bergé said: “Whenever our law enforcement agencies are attacked, it is France that is attacked.

“Rambouillet is a city that is not at all used to being subjected to violence.

“This reminds us that our law enforcement officers risk their lives every morning when they go to work.”

The Republic has just lost one of its daily heroines, in a barbaric gesture of infinite cowardice.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex

It follows six years of savage Islamic attacks in France, including the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty by a Russian-born terrorist in October last year.

The deadliest single terrorist attack ever in the country occurred in November 2015, when 130 people were killed in Paris.

Suicide bombers swearing allegiance to ISIS targeted the Stade de France, cafes, restaurants and the Bataclan music venue, where 90 died.

Earlier this year, two Paris-born gunmen linked to Al-Qaeda broke into the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, leaving 12 dead and 11 wounded.

In July 2016, 86 people were killed and more than 400 injured when a 19-tonne truck was deliberately driven into the crowd on the seafront in Nice in the south of France.

The terrorist turned out to be a radicalized Tunisian immigrant who was shot dead by the police.

In the same month, two Isis terrorists murdered an 86-year-old Catholic priest during a religious service in Normandy.

There have been frequent knife attacks on law enforcement, leading to the deaths of policemen on duty.

In October 2019, a radicalized IT operator working at the Paris Prefecture in central Paris stabbed four of his colleagues to death.

The attacker – who was also shot dead – turned out to be a Muslim convert who kept literature and images of al-Qaeda and Islamic State extremists on his computer.

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