September 23, 2021

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South America is doing it well

A line of people waiting to receive Covid-19 vaccinations in Brasilia, Brazil. Photo credit: Eraldo Peres / Associated Press.

The virus was everywhere in South America. The hospitals were full of patients. Thousands died every day. This was a few weeks ago.

Things are much better now. There are far fewer new infections. Experts aren’t sure why. The best reason is that vaccinations are on the rise.

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay had increased in the first months of the year. Then came the vaccines. But governments still leave the shops open and people mingle.

The number of infected people in South America has decreased. Strict border controls could help. However, no one knows for sure what is going on. Evidence points to a positive step. People are getting vaccinated.

South America is not as crazy as the United States. In the United States, many people don’t believe in the vaccine. Some think it’s a government conspiracy. As a result, many Americans get sick. Only 53 percent of the US population has had two strokes.

About two out of three people have their first hit in Brazil. This is more than in the United States. More than 70 percent of people in Chile and Uruguay have been fully vaccinated.

Brazil is a good example. The president said: “He would never have been vaccinated, period”. He suggested the Pfizer vaccine could turn people into crocodiles. As soon as the national campaign began, people flocked to get the vaccine. President Bolsonaro now says: “Brazil has one of the best vaccination performances.”

Cases are dropping. The children went back to school. The airports are busy. Experts now say economies will grow faster than they once thought. In Argentina, over 61 percent of the country has had a stroke.

One expert said not wearing masks and joining the crowd remains a threat. A health care expert said: “There is a serious risk of jeopardizing the effectiveness of the vaccine. The cooling of the pandemic cannot inspire people to relax.”

Another thought is that people in South America may have natural immunity because many have had the virus. He said: “It’s not easy to explain. It’s too early to tell what’s going on ”.

The President of Argentina said: “We deserve another life. A life in which we like music, painting, sculpture, cinema, theater. A life in which we can laugh without a mask. Where we can embrace those we love. “

You can see how your country is dealing with the virus on this map and on this table.

Source: The New York Times September 5, 2021

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