June 22, 2021

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Sonu Sood to install O2 plants in over 16 states across India

Mumbai: Actor Sonu Sood, who has been relentlessly trying to help people who have been affected by Covid-19, has announced that he will install oxygen systems across the country in nearly 16-18 states. The actor revealed that the trial has already begun with two places closed in the cities of Nellore and Kurnool in Andhra Pradhesh. The process will be in full swing by the end of June and will be completed by September in all states.

Speaking on the phone with IANS, Sonu said: “I have tried to cover all states. Oxygen systems will be installed near needy hospitals which will have nearly 150-200 beds. All these hospitals will never fail. Patients sometimes have to travel far to reach hospitals and in some cases even lose their lives. With this, I hope, this situation will never arise “.

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Is this your precautionary method for dealing with the expected third wave of Covid-19?

“This will solve the problem forever. There are nearly 700 concentrators we are serving in India right now, but it is a temporary arrangement. With an oxygen implant, no one will ever face a problem. Why wait for a third or fourth wave to occur? Even when the pandemic is over, neighboring villages and districts will have oxygen supply forever, “says the actor.

The actor’s work has reached the masses and he often has visitors leaving the house to meet and discuss their problems with him. He says helping people only makes him feel more responsible.

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“It doesn’t make me nervous, but it gives me more sense of responsibility. It’s raining right now, but people are still outside and I asked them to go. I care for them and there is so much pain all over the country. So, privileged people should come forward and help and do all the best they can do, “says the actor, who will soon be seen in the Telugu film” Acharya “and the Bollywood film” Prithviraj “.

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