September 18, 2021

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Sloane Stephens calls harassing messages after the loss of the US Open “exhausting and endless”

NEW YORK – Saturday Sloane Stephens spoke about abuse and harassment online on her Instagram account, saying “this kind of hatred is so exhausting and endless.”

Stephens, who lost in three sets to Angelique Kerber on Friday after winning the first set, shared in his Instagram stories that angry strangers sent more than 2,000 offensive messages to his Instagram account because they were “shocked by yesterday’s result”.

“It’s so hard to read messages like these,” wrote Stephens, sharing examples of some of the messages he received.

The comments ranged from vile profanity to abusing her for posting pictures of herself. A message threatened physical harm and said she should be banned from tennis and jailed.

“Not talked about enough, but it really sucks,” wrote Stephens.

He ended the series of posts on a positive note, sharing encouraging messages he received and expressing the happiness of having a strong support system.

“I’m choosing positive vibes over negative ones,” wrote Stephens. “I choose to show you happiness here, guys, but it’s not always smiles and roses.”

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