June 15, 2021

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Simplify your scientific research with PubMed feeds – Feedly Blog

Scientific journals produce an enormous amount of information every day. But a small portion of these articles relate to the biomedical information that needs to be researched.

Save time and keep up to date with the biomedical news you are looking for by following the customized PubMed RSS feeds on Feedly.

Go to PubMed.gov

You are a scientist who researches cancer and immunology. You can create an advanced search query on PubMed and select the journals in which you want to research cancer mentions.

Go to PubMed.gov and click “Advanced”

Create your advanced query

PubMed covers a wide range of journals, biomedical terms, and authors. The more specific your search query, the more relevant results you will get.

Use PubMed’s advanced search generator
You can choose the journals in which you want to research cancer
You can select the diseases you want to research
We now have a complex query to look for Cancer mentions in Nature, Nature Immunology, Current Biology and PLOS Biology

For more details on the various ways to build PubMed queries, you can read more Here.

Create your own PubMed RSS feed

Once on the results page, you can further filter by post type, post type, etc. Hit “Create RSS” when you are ready to move on.

Click “Create RSS” when you are satisfied with the results of your query
Copy the custom RSS feed you just created

Add your personalized PubMed RSS feed to your Feedly

Click on ‘+’ in your Feedly, paste the PubMed RSS feed you just created and add it to any of your feeds.

Paste the RSS link into the search box
Write down and save your PubMed content on your message boards

Priority with Leo

Save time and prioritize genes or any other topic in your PubMed articles.

Create a Leo priority in your feed

Simplify your biopharmaceutical intelligence

We are excited to see how your team will shrink your feeds and delve into the biopharmaceutical news that matters to you. Sign up today and discover Feedly for Biopharma.

If you are interested in learning more about the Feedly for Biopharma roadmap, you can schedule a demo call by clicking the button above. 2020 will be an exciting year with new skills and bold experiments!