September 18, 2021

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See what WhiteMoney told the queen “If I commit you. I will commit you to the pregnancy”

The relationship between WhiteMoney and Queen is building every day. WhiteMoney and Queen are roommates on older brother Naija’s sixth season show.

A few minutes ago, the camera caught WhiteMoney and Queen arguing in the kitchen. WhiteMoney has decided to involve Queen in a marriage discussion.

Below is the breakdown of the discussion between WhiteMoney and Queen.

WhiteMoney: If I propose, will you accept?

Regina: On one condition.

WhiteMoney: what is the condition?

Regina: The ring must be expensive.

WhiteMoney: Who told you I want to buy a ring? I will buy an Aba ring or a fair market to get you a ring. I will renew the ring every month.

Queen: Engagement must be a glamorous occasion. Because my friends have to be around.

WhiteMoney: Who would hire you? I will commit you to the pregnancy.

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