September 22, 2021

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Season finale 2020 – Modernyj Korovai

Season finale 2020 - Modernyj Korovai

I always find it a bit bittersweet when the wedding season ends and it hibernates for the winter months to come. I held on to this korovai of the “2020 season finale” for a few weeks and I kept it all to myself. It’s my way of savoring the moment and trying to extend the wedding season a little longer. I am ready to close this chapter now because, frankly, I am overflowing with anticipation of sharing it with you here!

This was a very special project. My email exchange with the bride’s mother started almost a year ago, before Covid turned the world upside down. The original wedding date was set for May 2, 2020 and was supposed to be a large (or “normal”) Ukrainian wedding. The inspiration for the korovai was Kathy’s korovai. I was so excited! Then came the virus, and although everyone was optimistic at first, the initial wedding date was postponed to November 21. As with most weddings this year, it was cut down, but still beautiful and meaningful in every way. The korovai follows: although small in size (8 ″ at the bottom and 5 ″ at the top), it was definitely a punch.

This korovai was richly decorated with flowers including roses, sunflowers, cornflowers, daisies, stalks of wheat, leaves, bunches of grapes, doves, S-shaped swirls and pine cones. The finishing touches included a succulent periwinkle wreath around the base and fresh kalyna berries picked in a nearby park (what a joyful find when moving to this new neighborhood!)

He has traveled extensively – more than 500 miles – to reach his destination. I am happy to report that minimal damage occurred in transit… nothing that couldn’t be repaired with a little dexterity, patience and all-purpose glue. All is well that ends well! The mother of the bride was so happy to be able to give this korovai to his daughter and son-in-law. May they live happily every after – Mnohaya Lita!