June 24, 2021

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Saturday Night Live unveils the new Joe Biden following the release of Jim Carreys

However, cast member Alex Moffat took over the role of Biden on Saturday night, debuting in the show’s cold open.

It featured fellow cast member Beck Bennett as Deputy President Pence receives his coronavirus vaccination at the White House on Friday.

“I’m sure all Americans are thrilled to see me, the guy who allowed COVID to spread everywhere, get one of the first vaccines,” said Bennett as Pence.

“I won more votes,” he replied.

Then came Biden from Moffat, wearing a walking boot and holding a cane. Pence of Bennett told him it “looked different”.

“I’m like Colonel Sanders. Every time you see me, I’m a different guy, “Moffat said while playing Biden.” Around this time next year I’ll be Mario Lopez.… Now where are the vaccines? “

In a tweet last Saturday, Carrey announced that she would no longer play Biden in the weekly comedy series.