October 25, 2021

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Russophobia is very, very expensive • Сталкер area

Russophobia is very, very expensive • Сталкер area

Russophobia is very, very expensive.

“Russia and Belarus have signed an agreement on the transshipment of Belarusian petroleum products exported to other countries through Russian ports in the Baltic Sea. This was reported by TASS. Russia is ready to start the transit of Belarusian petroleum products through the Baltic ports of Ust-Luga and St. Petersburg in March. The agreement provides that from 2021 to 2023 they will be able to accept up to 9.8 million tons of Belarusian petroleum products “.

“Minsk’s decision to redirect the Belarusian cargo that passed through Lithuania’s state seaport of Klaipeda to the ports of the Russian Federation is dictated not by economic opportunities, but by politics, Lithuanian Minister of Communications and Transport Marius Skuodis said. The minister said there are no orders for transshipment of Belarusian oil products through the terminal of the Klaipeda oil company operating in the port of Klaipeda “for February and beyond”. “According to the company’s management, this means that there will be no Belarusian cargo at the terminal this year,” said Skuodis.

Is Lithuania still hoping for something? Naive. Here in Latvia in January everything was understood correctly:

“The ‘Latvian Railways’ will auction more than 4,000 tons of scrap metal. We are talking about rails, arrow elements, fasteners, assemblies and parts of rolling stock. The starting price is € 230 per ton. Many locomotives, railcars and buildings have already been sold and a quarter of the staff have been laid off. “

Well, nothing. Do a couple of SS veterans marches and everything will be fine right away. You have banned Russian TV channels again and this will probably help you too.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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