October 20, 2021

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Russia tries to block signals from the US Air Force’s RQ-4 surveillance drone

Russia tries to block signals from the US Air Force's RQ-4 surveillance drone

According to US officials, Russia is trying to find a way to block and block signals from the US Air Force’s RQ-4 Global Hawk air reconnaissance system, which is remotely piloted and unarmed.

In recent months, the high-flying RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned spy planes have been very active in the European theater, along Russia’s western borders.

The Global Hawk serves as a long-lasting, remotely piloted and unarmed high-altitude aerial reconnaissance system. The aircraft is designed to deliver persistent, day and night, high resolution, all-weather images of large geographic areas with an array of built-in sensors and cameras.


Pentagon reconnaissance planes, including RQ-4 drones, have made regular appearances daily, up to two or even three times a day, at the borders of Russia. US military intelligence has poked its nose into almost every Russian military facility on the Black Sea, Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

The emergence of high-tech reconnaissance platforms near major Russian military facilities in the region has puzzled their military, who are attempting to intercept or block US RQ-4 spy planes.

Russia is using its latest ground and air electronic warfare systems to block drones and thwart their intelligence activities. Russia’s electronic warfare capability was used to jam a radio signal from the global navigation system and to jam drone signals.

It is already known that Russian troops deployed in the Crimea and the Rostov region used their well-known electronic warfare systems such as Krasukha-4, R-330Zh Zhitel, R-330M1P Diabazol and even the Murmansk-BN strategic jamming system. These systems are designed to suppress enemy radio signals at ranges of up to 5,000 kilometers.

Additionally, the Russian Air Forces deployed its brand new A-100 airborne early warning and control aircraft at the Taganrog Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex (TANTK) when the US Air Force’s RQ-4 drone flies over eastern Ukraine on April 21. The Beriev A-100 is a Russian-built Early Warning and Control (AEW & C) aircraft based on the Il-76MD-90A transport aircraft also equipped with modern electronic intelligence (ELINT) and electronic warfare systems.