June 19, 2021

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Royal protocol sees Princess Anne and Prince Charles travel with “secret” luggage tags

Princess Anna is Prince Charles attend the largest number of royal engagements for most years, with the Princess Royal only being dubbed the Hardest Royal in 2017. As part of their real duty, the Queen’s children must represent the monarchy in a variety of events and engagements around the world.

Due to the many commitments packed into travel, the royal family is often not light-hearted.

With so much Baggage for transportation from one corner of the world to another, there has to be a simplified way for royal staff to know which bag belongs to which royal.

This is why the royal family has their own secret baggage tagging system which includes Princess Anne and Prince Charles.

To a viewer, this rainbow of luggage tags may mean absolutely nothing, however, they have a distinct meaning for actual staff.

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The Duchess of Cambridge has also been known to use yellow tags that off on an official tour.

Prince William, like his father, has in the past been awarded red, while his son, Prince George, has been given a blue nameplate.

Not only are there labels labeled which bag belongs to which real ones, but the luggage is often also assigned a second tag that indicates where it needs to go.

If the second label is blue it means the bag is desired on the plane.

A green secondary tag indicates that the baggage is bound for the hotel, while a yellow tag indicates that the tag is bound for a residence.

A residence tag is normally needed if they are visiting someone at their home, or if an official in the destination has opened their home to let the royals stay.

Of course, members of the royal family like Princess Anne don’t carry their own bags.

Royals often travel with an entourage of support staff that can range from public relations teams to hairdressers.

In the past, these staff members have been photographed helping to load and unload luggage from the plane.

When it comes to baggage, the royal family doesn’t use old duffel bags or suitcases. Kate and Prince William, for example, are said to have a collection of high-end suitcases from the luxury travel brand Globe-Trotter.

Kate is also said to be a fan of Longchamp and Cath Kidston bags to use as hand luggage.

She was photographed with carrying bags of both brands in different colors and sizes.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel feed