June 19, 2021

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Rochester Police Fight Off Criminal With Pistol (Video): Summer of Rage 2.0 on Deck, 3-2-1-Cue Media Gaslighting

Things are deteriorating rapidly now. I pray that you and yours are in an area of ​​the country for the best outcome (refusing refund police) should you need law enforcement protection and are trained and capable of self-protection as well. Unfortunately, this is only going to speed up.

This was an inevitable free fall from the moment the media and the progressive left glorified the BLM protesters by chanting “pigs in a blanket. to fry ’em like bacon ”to hold up bloody pig heads. Last summer, as we watched the NYPD being mocked, physically assaulted, and degraded without consequences, we all should have known what to expect. And, of course, there’s George Floyd – but frankly, I can’t even go there anymore for the madness of Saint George.

We’ve all seen the media, Democratic politicians and celebrities chasing a law enforcement officer who saved another woman’s life while she was a teenager and attempted to stab her. Politicians have come to the point of Request“All teenagers have knife fights” as a normal thing in society. The video of the Ma’Kiyah Bryant shooting shows the justification for the shooting. Here is a good summary, although YouTube has censored the video, the photo is still there. Remember NBA, Lebron James’ menacing tweet? We wrote about it Here.

And how can any of us forget the performance of the good old, mad as a hatter, the Democrat Maxine Waters lighting the gases of Floyd’s protesters to become more confrontational:

Now this from June 6 in Rochester New York:

The agents attempted to arrest a wanted criminal who strongly resisted and was in possession of a gun for part of the altercation. As officers attempted to gain control of the perpetrator who was physically fighting them on the ground, releasing his weapon to secure it, dozens of passersby hurled insults and taunts at the agents. The scene was chaotic, growing and unpredictable as a backup was needed.

The video was made by a person identified as Neicey Monet who posted it on Twitter with the message for all media to contact her to obtain the video. Can you say $ and set? Who knows but looks suspicious. The video is a short snapshot and does not show what happened in the tape shown. We see the perpetrator constantly resists and physically harms officers, as well as an officer kicks the victim while on the ground resists, which caused him to release his grip on his weapon. That officer was able to protect the threat. After the weapon is removed while trying to subdue the man who was still physically fighting against the agents who attempted to handcuff and search for other weapons, another officer punches the perpetrator.

The Democrats wasted no time in politicizing the event as the events were still unfolding:

Daily cable:

“I am deeply disturbed to see a resident being kicked while held on the ground”, ailing Democratic Mayor of Rochester Lovely Warren said, WHEC 10 News reported. “We need to make sure our police department is always acting to protect and serve, no matter how difficult the situation or arrest. I appreciate the boss [Cynthia] Herriott-Sullivan took swift action to suspend the officer involved and further investigate what happened. “

The Rochester Police Locust Club released a statement denouncing the haste to demonize officers and stressed the risk these police men and women run persistently, particularly in Rochester.

“Over the weekend we had at least six police officers injured in various incidents across the city,” the pro-police group She said. “Some of these injuries involved the most dangerous situation a police officer can face when dealing with an armed individual. Unfortunately, almost immediately, the attention of the public is drawn to the actions of the police officers. There will always be a review conducted, especially when a police officer uses any kind of force ”.

“What is not addressed are close face-to-face encounters with individuals armed and willing to use a firearm against a police officer,” the statement continued. “When police officers are on the ground fighting an individual who has a firearm that the officers cannot gain control of, the first public alarm should be ‘do whatever it takes to get these individuals off the streets’.” .

“As the officers wrestled with an individual in possession of a gun and not safe, passersby surrounded the officers screaming and making videos with their cell phones,” the Rochester Police Locust Club pointed out. “At any moment, that gun is loaded. it could have exploded several times hitting the officers and people who were invading the officers. “

“There will be time in any situation to review the actions of police officers using force. The time when an individual is disarmed is not the time when no one interferes. The public must stand up now and speak for the victims of gun violence. It is also time to support police officers who are risking their lives by taking armed suspects into custody, “the statement said.” Last weekend the officers were fired first while taking custody of a dangerous suspect. The officers of the second incident. were able to prevent an armed suspect from firing a loaded weapon as they struggled on the ground to take him into custody. These incidents involved individuals who had information gathered to make an arrest. firearms and at the time of arrest they had loaded weapons in their possession ”.

“The levels of gun violence in this city are unprecedented,” the group concluded. “No children, no adults and no police officers are safe from individuals armed with illegal firearms who commit violent attacks in our city. If our roads are not safe, no one is safe ”.

Police said an officer was injured and taken to hospital where he was treated and released. Two other agents were treated for exposure. The perpetrator was identified as Jarvis Lewis and was charged with second-degree assault, second-degree and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon (CPW), criminal possession of a third-degree controlled substance, and resistance. Stop.

Today in America the police are being asked to do an impossible job. They are constantly threatened by violent criminals, and now the misfits are called upon to protect the crowd-forming ones who have fled the zoo of ignorance and are easily illuminated by gas. We are told that these bystanders rage from a justified place deep within the ancient collective suffering that dates back to slavery. No, they are simply the logical product of decades of democratic policies of social engineering, indoctrination and public education that, by definition, have failed them.

Summer of Rage 2.0 Up On Deck … 3-2-1-Cue Media Gaslighting.

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