October 26, 2021

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Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu promises changes in Jiu-Jitsu. Brazilian

In an interview with the New York Times, Chaouat said she was sleeping at the Marrua Hotel when she woke up to find another fighter on top of her. According to the police report, read in the Times, Paulo Félix Figueiró, then 37, was arrested and charged with attempted rape. Security footage from the hotel showed Figueiró entering Chaouat’s room, but he denied assaulting her, police said. Contacted by the Times, Figueiró said he knew nothing about Fight Sports.

According to Chaouat, Abreu told her that since her attacker hadn’t penetrated her “it didn’t matter.”

The coach of Abreu and Chaouat at the time, who ran the Fight Sports franchise in Casablanca, pressured her to drop the charges, Chaouat said, and feeling isolated in Brazil and fearing for her safety, she complied. Chaouat called Abreu “the greatest coward”, the one who protects accused fighters who “attack without fear”.

A former member of the Fight Sports team who attended the camp confirmed in an interview that Chaouat had told him about the incident and Abreu’s reaction at the time. The witness asked not to be identified in this article. After a statement made to Jassim was released in August, the witness said, Abreu’s father and two black belt jiu-jitsu fighters went to his mother’s home in Brazil in the attempt. apparent silence silences him, warning him that he should “stay out of this”. “

Abreu said he “did not make such statements” to Chaouat in repelling the attack and did not pressure her to drop charges against Figueiró. Instead, Abreu said, he ordered Figueiró to leave the field. “I respect all women and do not tolerate sexual misconduct, which is why the person involved in her accident was expelled from the team,” Abreu said.

Abreu’s father, also named Roberto, went to the witness’s mother, Abreu said, to tell her to stop spreading “false information about Fight Sports and me.”

In Abreu’s words, the values ​​of jiu-jitsu, as taught by him, transform life “helping my students to develop self-confidence through discipline, respect, teamwork. and integrity “. But it is also a sport in which black belt instructors are regularly referred to as masters and teachers and, according to Jassim, are considered “almost like demigods”. Close Jiu-jitsu training also erases the physical boundary between the instructor and the student.

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