September 22, 2021

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Revealing the real life span of Ukrainian buildings

buildings lifespan

In most buildings, the relief factor for floor beams consists of solid wooden partitions made of 60-80mm thick panels, reinforced in the cracks of the upper and lower horizontal beams. The peculiarity of the reconstruction of these buildings is the greater reliability of the main structural elements and the “comfort” of the renovated buildings.

As you can see, after all, most types of residential buildings are reliable over the years and, as they were, continue to hold up. In fact, they would stay at least the same amount of time, but all of them require regular maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, the Kiev city administration began to worry about the appearance of the historical part of the capital of Ukraine, so they are gradually rebuilding and renovating building facades, sidewalks and streets, which you can see on streets such as Zolotovoritska, Ivana Franka, Yaroslaviv Val and other roads.