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Twitter is full of insightful news and trends. But integrating that information into the search flow can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We continually hear from users that you want to be able to bring parts of Twitter into your Feedly feed for research and trend tracking.

Today we are excited to share the new Twitter integration for Feedly!

You can follow Twitter accounts, hashtags, lists and searches. Even more exciting, Feedly can pull content from linked articles directly into your feeds. And Leo, your AI research assistant, can cut noise and prioritize or mute certain topics to make sure you only see tweets with essential information for your research.

One of my favorite features is the Feedly Twitter integration. I can stay informed of events and conversations that I might otherwise miss, without affecting the way I use Twitter and clutter my feed.

Jon Henshaw, founder of Coywolf

Get started with the Feedly Twitter Twitter integration

Get your tweets on Feedly and let Leo filter the noise. Now available to all users in our new Pro + plan.


Follow Twitter accounts in Feedly

Look for any Twitter handle in the “Twitter Feed” tab, just like you would any other source on Feedly.

When looking for an account, you will see two options: ‘Tweet‘is’Tweet with link‘.

Follow ‘Tweet‘to see all tweets from an account.

Follow ‘Tweet with link” only follow tweets from this account that link to articles, videos, images or any other type of external content. This allows you to skip any tweets with no external content.

The choice of “Tweet with link” is great because:

  • If possible, we will extract the content of linked articles and make the content appear online, just like any other article in your feed.
  • You can create a Leo priority on both the tweet and the article content when it’s checked out. We’ll tell you more about Leos’ priorities in a second.
Search for an account, then choose whether you want to follow all tweets or only tweets that link to external content.

Scan the tweets – and the articles they link to – in your feeds

Tweets are aggregated in your feeds with the rest of your content. When you click on a tweet that links to an article, the article will open in Feedly.

Tweets are aggregated in your feeds with the rest of your content.

Read and annotate linked articles directly in your Feedly

We will put the content of linked articles online so that you can read and annotate them in your Feedly. Add notes or highlights without clicking on Twitter or another site to read or save the article.

When a tweet links to an article, you can open the article directly in Feedly.

I can interact with tweets in the same way I would with articles by saving them, highlighting them and sending them to other services.

Jon Henshaw, founder of Coywolf

Train Leos to prioritize specific topics, companies, or corporate events

This is where it gets powerful. Leo, your AI research assistant, helps cut out the tweet noise in your feeds and find what’s essential to you. Click “Train Leo” to create a priority.

Ask Leo to prioritize topics, such as “Tik Tok”, then use AND, OR and NOT to refine your priority.

Leo reads both the content of the tweet and any related content to decide whether or not to prioritize a tweet.

Train Leo to silence tweets that aren’t important to you

Just like any other content in Feedly, you can train Leo to silence tweets on topics you don’t care about, so you only see the essential news in your feed.

Leo reads both the content of the tweet and any related content to decide whether or not to deactivate a tweet.

You can ask Leo to mute any content related to a topic, such as COVID-19.

Follow Twitter hashtags in Feedly

You can follow any tweets that mention a specific hashtag. You will see two options, just like when you follow an account: “Tweet” and “Tweet with link”.

If you follow the hashtag # b2bmarketing, for example, you can choose:

  • # Tweet b2bmarketing: all tweets will be inserted in your feed
  • # Tweet b2bmarketing with links: only tweets on # b2bmarketing that link to external content will be included in your feed
Follow all tweets with # b2bmarketing or choose to follow only tweets that link to other content.

Follow Twitter lists in Feedly

You can also follow Twitter Lists, which are curated groups of Twitter accounts.

Follow both your own lists and the public lists of other users. Just paste the Twitter listing link directly into the search bar under the “Twitter Feed” tab.

Copy the URL of the list you want to follow and paste it directly into Feedly.

Follow Twitter searches or create advanced search queries to follow in Feedly

Type your search directly into the search bar in Feedly and the integration will continually insert updated search results into your feed.

Here is a profit list of standard Twitter operators that you can use to refine your search.

Type your search directly into Feedly to add it as a source. Use operators like -filter: retweet to remove retweets from results.

You can also use the advanced search options on Twitter. Once you’ve created an advanced search on Twitter, click “Search” and paste the link to the advanced search directly into the search bar in your Feedly.

I was struggling to search through my favorite tweets on Twitter. But now I can follow my favorite Twitter users, post articles from Twitter and add them to message boards. They are easily searchable and I can also annotate and highlight parts.

David, professor at a large public university

Get started with the Feedly Twitter Twitter integration

Get your tweets on Feedly and let Leo filter the noise. Now available to all users in our new Pro + plan.


Frequently asked questions about Feedly Twitter integration

How can I get started with Twitter integration? What can I track?

Anyone with a Pro +, Business, or Enterprise plan has access to Twitter integration. After connecting your account to Twitter (go to the “Twitter Feed” tab in Feedly to set it up) you can follow accounts, hashtags, searches or lists.

Can I follow secure Twitter accounts?

Yes. If the Twitter account you want to follow is protected, make sure the Twitter account you are using to connect to Feedly follows the protected account.

How do I remove retweets?

Currently, it is not possible to explicitly remove retweets. If you want to remove retweets from your feed, our advice is to hide retweets from your Twitter account. that’s how

Do I need to follow both “Tweet” and “Tweet with link” for an account or hashtag?

You just have to follow one. Choose ‘Tweet’ and you will get all the tweets, with and without links.

Choose “Tweets with links” to get only tweets that link to external content, such as articles or videos.

Is it possible to further filter a search after following a hashtag?

Yes. Our advice is the first use Twitter’s advanced search to refine your search. Then, once you’re happy with the results, copy and paste the search URL into Feedly to create a new source.

Can I post on Twitter from Feedly?

When you connect Feedly to your Twitter account, this is a read-only connection that allows Feedly to read your tweets. Feedly does not tweet. To share information from Feedly on Twitter, click the Twitter icon at the top of any post to generate a tweet and share your information.

Can I follow my Twitter account?

Yes. If you want to follow the history you see when you go to twitter.com, type “twitter.com/” in the search bar. The history of the Twitter account linked to your Feedly account will be inserted into your feeds.

If you want to see your tweets, you can follow yourself – just type your Twitter username in the search bar.

Will every single tweet from that hashtag go to my feed?

Yes. If you add a hashtag as a source, all tweets generated for that hashtag are placed in your feed. If you get too much noise from a hashtag, we recommend that you teach Leo to prioritize or disable certain keywords or topics so that you can only see what’s most important to you.

What is the daily limit for Twitter articles?

Feedly has a limit of 5,000 articles per day from any Twitter source.

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