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Reasons to hire a web design consultant

Reasons to hire a web design consultant

Is your current website meeting your traffic, conversion and sales goals?

If not, it may be time for a makeover. Today, it is incredibly important to invest in professional web design solutions to make your website stand out among the more than 1.7 billion websites on the Internet. For this, it is extremely beneficial for any company to hire website consulting services.

Web design consulting services involve optimizing user travel and website experiences. Web design consultants are creative and technically inclined professionals who deliver compelling and consistent designs that attract new leads and sales.

What do website design consultants do?

A web page design consultant plays an important role in creating a strong online presence. They usually work closely with companies’ internal teams, share their know-how to help get around problems early on and identify opportunities to produce market-leading websites.

Their typical responsibilities can be divided into advising and supporting companies to achieve their goals.

Offer advice

Web design consultants advise companies on how to improve their online presence. There are several scenarios for this:

  • If a company does not have an online presence. In this case, a website design consultant can help develop a web strategy, create a unique website, and post relevant, high-quality content across all channels to produce results.
  • If a company has an online presence but no real results. When a business has a website and marketing strategy but it’s not performing well, a website design consultant can advise on what to change and improve to increase traffic, leads and sales.
  • If a company has only one website. A business may have designed their website with another website designer or agency, but they are unable to achieve their online business goals. A web consultant can then advise on improving the new website to generate the most effective online presence. This will typically include a variety of marketing strategies.

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Helping companies achieve their goals

Web consultants also help companies achieve their web strategy goals. Some goals include:

  • Creating a website. Web consultants can design, develop and manage a website that achieves specific business and marketing goals.
  • Marketing a website. A website cannot reach its full potential without the right marketing efforts. A web consultant can help a business define their website goals and design and develop a solid marketing strategy to achieve those goals.
  • Develop a brand identity. Brand identity includes the collection of all the elements that a company uses to represent the right image to its target audience. Web consultants help companies design and develop content that increases their online presence.
  • Achievement of sales objectives. Web consultants can help businesses implement certain marketing strategies, including SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. These strategies work collectively to help companies achieve their sales goals.

The Benefits of Hiring a Website Design Consultant

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research. Website development consultants have the knowledge and ability to do qualitative research to gain an understanding of building a site from a quantitative point. Consultants set marketing goals and measure certain elements to define the success of a web design. The UI UX consultant understands which metrics are most important and which factors in the website are responsible for generating them.
  • Ensure the compatibility of a website. Today, most people access the internet via a mobile device. Today, it is much easier for people to shop and manage businesses on the go. If a website isn’t mobile-friendly, a business can lose a lot of potential leads and sales. A new website design consultant helps companies test their sites and develop a smooth interface compatible with various devices.
  • Optimized for the modern web. Web 2.0 represents the current state of the web. Includes more user-generated content and usability for users. A WordPress or Wix website design consultant examines whether a company’s website layout, images and content adhere to guidelines set by Web 2.0. This ensures that a site looks cleaner, loads faster, and ranks better in search engines.
  • Eliminate the problems. Bad links, low quality code, large images, and poor user paths can lead to low traffic and high bounce rates. A WordPress website design consultant helps companies test their sites to identify problems. Then they develop effective solutions to correct any problems.
  • Adhere to SEO trends. SEO is very important today because it makes search engine results fair. Internet users want to trust search engines, and when a company reaches a top spot in the rankings with its website, it signals users that the site is a reliable source. The higher the ranking on the results pages, the more traffic a website will generate. A creative web design consultant helps businesses optimize their website content for search engines to ensure high rankings.

The process of choosing a website consultant

It can be difficult to choose the right web design marketing consultant for a company’s unique needs and budget. Therefore, it is advisable to follow some of the points below to make sure that the right consultant is selected:

  • Determination of requirements. Before selecting the ideal consultant website designer, a company should determine what it needs and its ultimate goals. When a company communicates exactly what it needs, the process of selecting the right candidate with the ideal skills and knowledge is much easier.
  • Do thorough research. When hiring a worker, it is essential to do research. These are just a few areas that should be considered when selecting an independent web design consultant:
  1. What their customers say about them
  2. What their website or portfolio looks like
  3. If communication is easy and convenient
  4. How much their services cost
  • Establish a budget. It is essential to set aside a decent budget for website consulting. The reason for this is that a web consultant advises on the direction of a company’s online presence, implements changes, runs digital marketing campaigns, and so much more. Therefore, hiring a web consultant is a cost effective process to ensure that a website receives the traffic it needs to turn high quality visitors into paying customers. Research should be done in advance to find out what a reasonable budget is.
  • To communicate. It is always advisable to speak directly with the consultant to confirm skills, knowledge and experience before hiring. This also allows the opportunity to determine whether the consultant’s method of communication is in line with the business.

Let’s consider the resume of the ideal senior web designer consultant:

The cost of web design consultancy

One of the essential parts of hiring a web consultant is the cost involved. However, this largely differs from country to country. Let’s consider the website designer consultant’s hourly rate in four different countries, including a web design consultant in the UK and the US:

* Rates are provided by research done by our internal recruiting team on local job boards

Mobilunity as a reliable consulting provider

Mobilunity is an external company based in Ukraine with more than 10 years of experience. We help companies find the best web design consultant for their design projects. Our candidates are qualified and experienced and always go out of their way to ensure they meet and often exceed expectations.

We have worked with a number of companies across a wide variety of industries to help them successfully complete their web development projects. Some of our portfolios include Rejuvenate Cosmetics, Grand Meal Restaurant, and Fix Mobile.

Our process is what sets us apart from the competition. Some of the world’s most credible companies trust our approach, including XPLG in Israel, Paidy in Japan, BYG-E in Denmark, and Network of Arts in Switzerland. Our approach is simple but effective:

Our team selects candidates based on a company’s ideal candidate profile. We let them complete certain assignments and interviews and send successful candidates an offer approved by the company.

  • We assist with onboarding

Successful partnerships are our passion. Therefore, we assist in creating the environments and configuring the processes essential to ensure fruitful collaborations.

  • We help with the work in progress

Our team has focused on motivating and retaining the staff of new candidates. We ensure that all contractual obligations and ongoing needs are met.

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