September 22, 2021

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Real-time news update on Covid in Australia: NSW records 1,405 new cases as Gladys Berejiklian unveils roadmap off the bat; Victoria records 324 cases | News from Australia

At present, if you are 70% vaccinated, all other things being equal, there are no outbreaks or high numbers of cases in a particular area, 70% vaccination allows you to travel anywhere in the state, as long as where you go, everyone else is vaccinated.

But we cannot afford to continue like this if there is a major outbreak in a particular area. If there is a rural town that suddenly has a hotbed of cases, we will tell people, “don’t go to that town”. And everyone in that town shouldn’t leave their town, but they can do what they can do with 70% double dose in that city.

Likewise, it could be part of greater Sydney, it could be an LGA, it could be a suburb or it could be a couple of LGAs. If there is a high number of cases and a concern about an outbreak and vaccination rates are not as comfortable as we would like, Dr. Chant is free to tell the government, “The people in this community, even if” redone. 70% double vaccination, they can go to the hairdresser and do this and that, but they may be limited only in one radius outside the home or within that area. ‘