September 22, 2021

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Real-time Covid News Update in Australia: Victoria Records 221 Cases Before Regional Block Call; NSW Faces Hundreds of Dead in Western Sydney | News from Australia

Well, that’s not how I refer to them. What I’m referring to them, people have vaccination certificates. I have one. We all have them. Of course, we also have them for many other things. And you will also need it for international travel.

But for international travel to work, we need the home quarantine done, and I’m very encouraged by what we’re seeing in South Australia and the technology experimentation that’s going on there. New South Wales is on the same path. Even in Western Australia, they worked with an app for some of their home home quarantines, which was quite effective.

Home quarantine is where we will go next. And the length of that quarantine was also what we’re looking at. Now, I will follow last Friday’s meeting with the premieres, writing to them, trying to get some times on their introduction of the home quarantine.