October 25, 2021

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Profile in courage: 16 years fighting for our rights to breathe without a mask, will you support 4Grace?

America has recently suffered an extreme deficit of righteous indignation and courage, a trait that used to personify what it meant to be an American. Day after day and hour after hour, we are witnessing a cowardly capitulation to the ethos of awakening and the officials of the totalitarian government. It is in a word, demoralizing.

However, sometimes courage, honor and strength come from the most unlikely people. You don’t automatically think of 16-year-olds as brave warriors doing the right thing in this world. Teens are usually in a reactive and experimental mode rather than deep thinkers. Perhaps we should all rethink that narrow stereotype of our youth and consider that awakenings can happen at any age.

“Undefended value is as good as no value” my mom Maw taught from an early age. It gave me the concept of self-esteem that depends on a system of values ​​on which my moral conscience would have acted. Another adage from my father was “Courage is not passive and beliefs take action.”

Enter a Profile of Courage: Miss Grace Smith, 16, attending Laramie High School in Wyoming. Grace has a problem with her constitutional right to be free to choose not to dress up while attending class or on campus.

“I am growing up in a country where I should protect my God-given rights, and they are taking me away”, he told the Laramie Boomerang. “Everyone has the freedom to wear a mask if they wish, but I believe everyone also has the right not to wear a mask if they wish.”

The junior had previously served two consecutive two-day suspensions for failing to comply with the mandate policy. The Albany County School District Board of Trustees voted in September to approve a review COVID-19 mitigation plan that included universal masking in K-12 facilities until 15 October. “The purpose of the mask requirement is to help ensure that students stay in school,” the update says. “The District will be able to provide students with masks if they forget one or if their mask gets dirty during the day.”

Grace returned to school on October 7 and attempted to attend classes without wearing a mask. It should be noted that at no time was any person at the property obligated to remove their masks (perceived protection) due to any actions taken by Grace. The video below shows the unfolding of the event and, finally, its arrest:

Surprisingly, the High School blocked all students and faculty for over 90 minutes. A statement from the school district reads:

“The” short lockdown “was done in response to a” student disciplinary disturbance “at the school headquarters. Sean O’Sullivan, a school district spokesperson, said district-wide principals were in one place. for a weekly meeting at that time and that no one was hurt. “Everyone is safe,” he said. “This is the big key right now.” The statement added: “The lock was issued in order to prevent further interruptions of academic learning “.

The policy of “blocking” in schools, workplaces, government structures concerns the presence of risks to one’s own safety, such as an active shooter or a bomb threat. The video makes it clear that there was never a moment during the student incident that rose to a level of security threat or an escalation of “student disciplinary disorder”. Before school officials chose to deprive students of academic learning, the only student who was interrupted from academic learning was Grace Smith.

The choice of the Laramie High School lockdown was bizarre and absurd.

This young woman was calm, communicative and highly collaborative from the very first approach during all interventions with the police. I suggest that video footage become a training tool and be shown to every student starting from sixth grade as an example of how to properly interact with law enforcement.

Yes, Grace didn’t follow a school rule or policy. But there are moments in our history when those individuals who take a stand to protest what they believe to be wrong or injustice have pushed this country towards positive change, some that come to mind:

  • Boston Tea Party 1773
  • The multiple decades of suffragette protests for women’s rights.
  • The coal strike of 1902
  • 1917 “Silent protest” in Manhattan for civil rights
  • Supporters who protested the Jim Crow laws
  • GM Sit-Down hits 1936
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955
  • Selma Hudson Highschool protests 1965
  • The 1960s Greensboro Sit-in Lunch Counter
  • Protests for the Vietnam War – 1966-1969

Take a moment to consider what belief Grace is choosing to express here: anti-mask warrants. The scientific evidence supporting the masks is ineffective as the mitigation of the spread of Covid is overwhelming and, in some cases, wearing a mask is even harmful. You can read a full review of the studies on masks here.

The pandemic and its politicization have divided families, friends, co-workers, genders, races and so on. Politicians and the media have effectively polarized this country into “us” and “the other”. There has been unprecedented shame, oppression, and censorship of not only average Americans, but medical and scientific voices as well. Our rights are being trampled on and the very idea of ​​freedom is losing value as voices whose programs have nothing to do with public health outcomes stifle those of common sense.

A brave young woman chose to make her voice heard and did not retreat. Imagine what could happen if multiple students across the country made the same choice. So imagine an advocacy movement that the media cannot ignore of spontaneous peaceful gatherings, hundreds to thousands, on school campuses across the country, including students, parents and even faculty, saying no to warrants to mask and masks are a choice. personal. Or take it a step further and consider the power of those who support the CRT to join those who support the freedom of the masks: the size of the wave of terrain would be difficult to undo.

Again, if you feel like a mask is protecting you, wear one. If you wear one and believe it protects you from contracting or transmitting the Covid pathogen, then a person exposed is not a threat to you in any way. Grace wasn’t protesting anyone’s right to choose to wear a mask.

Real change always begins with courage, and there is strength and protection in numbers. It is worth fighting for our Civil Liberties, and it is a real sign of hope that someone so young will recognize this founding principle.

Grace Smith’s parents hired a lawyer to defend her rights and settle the fines he imposed on her. They created a GiveSendGo fundraiser to help support this costly venture.

“Grace is a high school student. She is a beautiful girl who is kind, caring and compassionate. She loves dance and theater and is a good student. Grace chose to exercise her rights and go to school without wearing a mask. The local school board voted to enforce a universal mask policy that we deem illegal and in violation of the Wyoming state constitution, “explains the fundraiser page.” Grace was suspended and arrested for not wearing a mask. . She was also targeted by peers and school staff for exercising her rights, “continues the fundraiser description. “Grace is raising money to support legal fees to defend her civil liberties and the civil liberties of other Wyoming students who are undergoing the same illegal treatment. By supporting this fight for their freedoms, you are helping to secure the rights of every citizen of the state of Wyoming. ”

Do you want, Stand4Grace?

More importantly, will you let the shame you should feel right now as you read about Grace’s activism free you from your fear and apathy and find your inspiration to be brave and fight for your rights?

Freedom Matters!

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