October 20, 2021

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Presentation of the surrogacy maternity hospital in Ukraine

Presentation of the surrogacy maternity hospital in Ukraine

When someone is considering Ukraine for the fertility journey, it’s probably always confusing at the start of the investigation. Another country always gives a feeling of fear, you never know what to expect, what level of service you could get for the money, how professional the doctors are, what the legal side is, and so on. It is very important to have a vision of what can be expected before making a serious decision to take a step and rely on a new life in the hands of other people. This is why I have decided to create an introductory article for our clients and couples looking for the best destination for international surrogacy.

Front view of the maternity hospital.

Large quilt at the entrance to suggest that you are in the right place.

I want to show you the place where most of you will arrive for the perfect first date with your baby: the maternity hospital, where our surrogate mothers give birth to babies. The comfort of this place goes beyond all expectations and words, it seems to me a 5 star Spa hotel with the best staff ever!

It is a standard room for a surrogate mother.

VIP room for intended parents

The view from every room is beautiful!

I am really happy to be able to provide such a high quality service to our couples and treat surrogate mothers in the best possible way, building on their decision to make other people happy.

Enjoy the natural green color of life!

The way to your precious baby.

Cabinet for prenatal care and ultrasound.

I wanted to mention that there is no other surrogacy agency in Ukraine that provides such good antenatal care and comfort to a surrogate mother and combines the highest levels of IVF success rate, professional logistics, assistance and legal support.

This splendid maternity hospital is “LELEKA”, it is a Ukrainian name, it means “stork”, the bird that gives birth to babies. It is the best equipped maternity hospital in Ukraine with the most modern emergency room and rooms with excellent facilities for babies and parents.

The first feeling this hospital gives is the confidence that your baby will have a safe and healthy birth. An experience as important and magnificent as birth must be linked to the best behavior and the European level of service, which LELEKA certainly has.

Welcome with bright green.

I also want to say a few words about the Kiev area where this property is located. It is a wooded area full of pine and fir trees. The hospital even has its own restaurant!


Outdoor restaurant in the garden.

The restaurant has diverse menus and delicious dishes. Whenever I visit this hospital to pick up a baby with their parents, I wonder how wonderful it is to see happy parents enjoying their stay in maximum comfort and in a thought-out area.

Each room is equipped with a nursing first aid and air conditioning, each room has its own bathroom and a splendid view of the garden. What else do you need to end your successful surrogacy program in Ukraine?

The combination of the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine, a good surrogacy clinic in Ukraine and a modern private maternity hospital makes your fertility story fast, easy and comfortable. Enjoy the photos and we look forward to your requests, always welcome!

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