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Poultry baked in the oven Ukrainian recipe


TOS. It is well known, wild water birds have been appreciated by people who lived in modern Ukrainian lands since prehistoric times. Archaeologists here find ducks on paintings from the last ice age (2.6 million years ago – 11,700 years ago).[1]

Ukrainian ancestors hunted ducks in traps for delicious and nutritious food, warm and light down and feathers. In fact, more than 2,000 years ago those birds were domesticated and wildly bred in the days of Kyiv Rus (9th to mid-13th centuries).

The Ukrainian name of the duck bird is “kachka”, most likely of origin mimicking the sound associated with the exclamation “kah”.[2]

Roasted duck in apples with honey and herbs is a delicious Ukrainian dish, reconstructed and adapted to modern conditions from traditional ethnic Etnocook cuisine.

Duck meat has many advantages:

  • a healthy source of protein (builds and repairs body cells, muscles, strengthens the immune system,
  • improves the overall health of skin, hair, nails). Additionally, some of the proteins in duck meat act as enzymes
  • duck skin provides a large concentration of an important amino acid glycine (good for skin health and wound healing, improves sleep quality), meat contains arginine and other amino acids

However, Etnocook warns you to pay extra attention to the quality of the duck meat, where the bird lived and what it ate. Try to use only organic meat from ecological areas because some extremely toxic pollutants such as mercury can be poisoned duck meat.

To sum it up, duck is a type of poultry that offers a moderate amount of protein. It is a good source of B vitamins, selenium (a mineral which is a kind of antioxidant), phosphorus, iron, zinc and copper.


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Ukrainian recipe of roast duck meat, known since ancient times

Step by step photo recipe how to cook whole poultry duck in the oven in Ukraine

  • if necessary, the butter is replaced by vegetable oil
  • add garlic to taste, crushed or whole cloves
  • check your meat with a thermometer, the internal temperature of the breast of the ready duck must be above 60 ° C
  • for stewed sour applesauce with vegetables, add a teaspoon of honey, salt and spices


Nutritional values: Calories: 612 kcal / 100 g ; Fat: 49 grams; Known since then: since the last ice age (2.6 million years ago – 11,700 years ago) ;


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Step One Roast Duck Recipe

Prepare all ingredients, wash vegetables and greens, peel the onions, rinse the duck cold

Step two cut the ingredients

Cut and core the apples, slice lemons and onions, chop the parsley

Step three prepare the duck

Make cuts that are not too deep (max 0.5 cm deep) on the skin of the duck with a sharp knife diagonally.

Step four rub the duck

Mix the honey with salt, spices and melted butter. Rub the whole duck with it, even inside.

Step five: stuff the duck with apples

Stuff the duck with apple quarters, lemons, onions and vegetables.

Step six: let the duck marinate

Place a few pieces of lemon and onions on top of the duck. Close the cavity by tying the legs together. Let the duck rest for 2-10 hours, preferably overnight in the refrigerator

Step Seven: Put the duck in foil

Put the meat in the center of a film. Properly wrap the meat from all sides

Stage eight roast duck

Preheat the oven to 450 ° F / 230 ° C, reduce the heat to 325 ° F / 162 ° C and roast the duck in foil for 2 hours (30 minutes for one kilogram), and additionally 20 minutes uncovered for a skin Crisp. Turn off the heat and let it rest for 10 min.

Step Nine: Serve the duck with apples and herbs

Serve with apples and a light sauce, with vegetables or whole grains. Great with Halushky dumplings, Varenyky stuffed dumplings, popular Teterya Cossack warrior dish made with millet and buckwheat flour

Complete VIDEO recipe step by step