June 22, 2021

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Portugal hosts the Enduro World Championship from 18 to 20 June

Marco de Canavezes will host the Portuguese Grand Prix and the Enduro World Championship

The Portuguese Grand Prix for Enduro will be held, the opening event of the world championship. from 18 to 20 June, in Marco de Canaveses, in the district of Porto, bringing together 120 runners, the source of the organization said today in Lusa.

In the competition, the competitors will complete four timed specials, for a total of 51 kilometers, “designed for entertainment and to enhance the natural beauty of the region“, Renewing the experience of last season.


Last year we made a huge effort to be able to organize two world championship events in Marco de Canaveses. Taking into account all this effort, we have launched the challenge to the Portuguese Motorcycle Federation and the President of the International Motorcycle Federation to receive the race, once again, in a more favorable pandemic scenario.“, Explained Daniel Pinto, president of the Motor Clube do Marco, the organizing club.

Photo: Enduro 2020 Championship (Photo reproduction: EnduroGP

This year, the “cross test” track will be located in Tuías and the “extreme test” track remains in the Montedeiras area. The ‘enduro test’ track will be transferred to Venda da Giesta, in the parish of Soalhães. The special “super test” will be located next to Largo da Feira, where the paddock will be installed. On Friday there is also a special evening for this track.


“In relation to last year’s race, we will keep two of the specials, Tuías and Montedeiras, we will do another special, in a new space, in Venda da Giesta, and we will have the special” super test “, which is a novelty . Last year we had the idea to do it, but it was not possible due to the restrictions of covid-19 ″, specified Daniel Pinto.


The manager admitted that there are many fans of this sport who will want to be present and watch the race. alive, forcing the organization to “ implement a series of safety measures to avoid excessive crowding of people“.

The Enduro World Championship will feature six races.

After Portugal, the caravan will head to Edolo (Italy), from 25 to 27 June.