September 18, 2021

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Political controversy over phone hacking revealed in India

Political controversy over phone hacking revealed in India

The NSO group revealed the central government spying on more than forty journalists, supreme court judges and ministers in India. This revelation sparked enormous controversy in the geopolitical world. On Monday, following news of the central government’s Pegasus spyware surveillance, it raised many questions about privacy concerns.

Is the Indian government spying on its citizens in violation of all privacy laws mentioned in the constitution?

With the unauthorized use of Pegasus spyware, the phones of prominent Indian journalists, political leaders, CJI and SC judges, the incumbent Union Minister’s smartphone was hacked.

This growing abuse of the NSO’s powerful hacker spying software for illegal surveillance. These spying tools cannot be used without the permission of the Ministry of the Interior.

45 countries are under cyber attacks and illegal hacking. His wife, children and doctors are included in the cybercrime target lists.

What is Pegasus spyware?

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Pegasus spyware is a tool used for cyber attacks and the installation of viruses in computers and mobile phones for illegal hacking. The Pegasus spyware developed by the NSO group, an Israeli cyber weapons company.

“Pegasus” spyware is used to poke around in gadgets. A missed call can install Pegasus spyware in any smartphone which can completely hack your phone. Unbeknownst to the owner, it can steal any information from the phone and can alter its memory and other apps. This cyber crime leads the hacker to access all user information on the phone.

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Spyware can also allow unauthorized access to your smartphone’s camera and speaker. Pegasus spyware is capable of surveillance on three levels. These three levels are initial data extraction, passive monitoring and active collection. This spyware can hijack smartphones running on iOS, Android and Blackberry. This is the first time that the misuse of spyware has been revealed in India on a major level.

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