July 29, 2021

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Pegasus: Macron Holds Defense Cabinet Meeting on Cyber ​​Security | Roce today

French President Emmanuel Macron will hold an extraordinary defense cabinet meeting on Thursday dedicated to cyber security following reports that his phone number was likely targeted with Pegasus spyware by a Moroccan intelligence service, the spokesman for the Gabriel Attal government on France Inter Thursday.

An international media consortium led by the French journalism nonprofit Forbidden Stories and the NGO Amnesty International reported last week on a list of potential targets of Pegasus, a military-grade spyware made by the Israeli company NSO that allows customers to hack target cell phones.

Numerous elected French officials and journalists were on the list, as were over a dozen current or former heads of state and government.

“The investigation has started and is progressing,” Attal said. “What the news investigation is saying is that some phone numbers… have been targeted. What it is not saying is whether they were all actually infected, if the data was extracted, then this is what is being examined. “

NSO initially stated in a statement provided to the consortium that Macron “is not and has never been a target or selected as a target by NSO’s customers.” A more recent statement from the NSO released Wednesday said: “We do not operate the system, nor do we have access to our customers’ data, however they are obligated to provide us with this information during investigations.”

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