October 26, 2021

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Party Animals – Tillie makes it clear Francis that a parenting parent is not a domestic terrorist! Satire

Sit down with Tillie and Francis as they discuss last week’s news events on both sides of the aisle in the ever-changing world of politics, with some humor, satire, and plenty of martinis …

Tillie and Francis met at Party Animals headquarters. Tillie poured some martinis and offered Francis his favorite oat bran pretzels.

“Well, Tillie, did you find something productive to do while Facebook wasn’t working?” Francesco asked?

“Of course I did. Plus, I got off that platform after years of censorship,” Tillie said. I also saw a whistleblower come forward begging the government to regulate the company. The government is calling for more scrutiny by working with Big Tech. “I’m sure we both agree, Francis, that people should be able to talk freely,” Tillie snorted.

“Tillie, of course, I believe in free speech, but shouldn’t people be allowed to write lies on the Internet like many Trump supporters are doing? If someone posts lies, they should remove the person posting from social media, ”Francis said.

“Spoken like a true Democrat, are you vying for a position on CNN?” Tillie joked.

“For example, Tillie, the Justice Department, will investigate threats to any member of the school board. I’m sure you’ve seen the statement released by Merrick Garland that says “a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school administrators, school board members, teachers and staff.” Francis said as he poured himself another martini.

“Francesco, we are talking about legitimate questions from parents who try to get to the bottom of a harmful indoctrination that passes for a poor education. I think parents should ask themselves what their children are exposed to, “Tillie said.” Is parental concern now a domestic terror threat? “Tillie has expressed her opinion!” have, how to teach your kids, and have turned it into the perfect leftist liberal fantasy: heroic educators fighting angry moms in mom jeans, ”Tillie said.

“Oh, Tillie, Merrick Garland had no choice but to react after the president of the National School Board Association released a statement claiming that American public schools and their education leaders were under immediate threat!” Francis stated unequivocally.

‘Immediate threat? I missed that suburban immigrant mom at the last school board meeting holding a bloody dripping head in the likeness of a member or when she and her clan marched into teachers’ quarters at night and stood in front of private homes singing a violent rhetoric. You would think it would be in the News Francis, ”Tillie cautioned.

“Domestic terrorists” really Francis who is just stupid!

“I see Joe’s approval ratings have dropped.” Tillie bragged. That honeymoon ended rather abruptly. But that’s no surprise, Francis; foreign policy has been a disaster and the actual cost of inflation for average American households is $ 175 more per month. Meanwhile, gas prices are higher than Hunter Biden.

Francis interrupted him, “well, Tillie, the dollar is worth a lot less than a year ago.”

“Francesco, that is called inflation; wait until it takes a wheel of dollars to buy a loaf of bread or one of these martinis after the Washington madmen approve their $ 3.5, 5, or 10 trillion rebate bill. Sad times, sad times, ”Tillie whimpered.

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