October 19, 2021

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Party Animals: Tillie and Francis stranded on the President Biden Expressway – Satire

Sit down with Tillie and Francis as they discuss last week’s news events on both sides of the aisle in the ever-changing world of politics, with a little humor and satire! However, there will be no martinis this week …

On the way to The Party Animals headquarters, Tillie found herself jammed in traffic on Interstate 81 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Worried about being late for her meeting with Francis, she decided to call him and inform him that there must be a car accident.

Francis answered the phone and told Tillie that he too was stuck on Interstate 81, but he didn’t seem worried; in fact, he looked a bit dazed. “What an honor, Tillie,” Francis exclaimed. “The road signs are changing right now.” “Tillie, I’m sure by now you know they changed the name of The Scranton Expressway to President Biden Expressway?” “It is equally impressive that the Scranton Council changed the name of Spruce Street to Biden Street,” boasted Francis.

“In the middle of rush hour?” Tillie groaned. “There is nothing Democrats can’t find to waste taxpayer dollars, I suppose. I’m sure all these people arriving late for work will be apologized by their bosses because elected officials felt the need to put Joe Biden’s name on a road sign. Yes, Francis, I am aware of the street name change also, more importantly, of all those entrepreneurs who have expressed the cost of changing their business addresses. Francis, I’m sure you think even the $ 3.5 trillion spending bill won’t cost us anything! “

“Tillie, President Biden pledged to increase revenue; therefore, it will cost zero dollars. Stop focusing on the negative. Biden and Harris did things, “Francis said shakily.

“Tillie interrupted, oh yeah, let’s take a look at the things she did. Nothing comes to mind except creating problems and then asking for money to pay for them. As for that hot air you screamed at the top of your lungs about spending that costs us nothing, what a total scam because the government will take the money later and then tax us to death. But when they steal that money, we will have another trillion dollar spending account that we will later pay by taxing us to death. It never ends, Francis. “

“Tillie, there are a lot of good things in the expense account. For example, an expansion for medical bills. The expense account covers welfare, immigration, energy, free university for those poor cross-border and families ”.

“Francis, you mean free participation in the reception camp for those illegal immigrants who flood the southern border. Can you believe that Obama also thinks this is a bad idea, and I never agree with him! ”

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