June 19, 2021

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Palaszczuk welcomed Historic State of Origin to Townsville

Palaszczuk at Townsville Stadium
YouTube photo

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk welcomed the decision to host the State of Origin at the Townsville stadium.

The June 9th game will be the first Origin ever held in a regional city.

The Premier said the delivery of the game to Townsville is part of Queensland’s economic recovery plan.

“Our prayers have been answered,” said the premier.

The video starts at 2 Min 30sec “Bringing the game we love to the fans who love it the most in their stadium is truly special. “If the singing of the ‘Queenslander’ puts the fearful in the blues, just wait until they hear it from North Queensland.”

Operation Origin began last week when a COVID outbreak cast doubt on Melbourne’s ability to host Game One. Negotiations with the NRL have begun and the Premier said she was pleased that they were successful.

“We have seen what Magic Round has done for Brisbane,” said the Premier.

“Hotels, pubs and restaurants were full and taxi drivers reported their busiest weekend since COVID.

“This is what we expect to happen in and around Townsville as fans flock to this historic event.”

Ten B trucks are ready to take the temporary stands to the Country Bank Stadium.

An additional 1,872 seats will increase its capacity from 25,455 to 27,327, transforming the stadium into a mini-cauldron.

The giant screens will be erected on Flinders Street to cope with the glut of bands and entertainment for the whole family.

The Premier thanked the NRL and its president Peter V’Landys for the decision.

He noted it came when the Maroons announced their 20-man squad for Game One.

“Origin unites us like nothing else does,” said the Premier.

“Let’s paint the State Maroon and celebrate this great moment.”

Source: Premier and Minister of Commerce

The Honorable Annastacia Palaszczuk