June 15, 2021

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Ozone generator: benefit or harm

Public opinion on the benefits and harms of ozone generators was divided into two:

– some are sour que le devices: it has a positive effect on human health;

– others show the opposite – that a device that produces a poisonous gas is harmful …

Public opinion on the benefits and dangers of ozone generators was divided into two:

  1. some are sure that the action of the device has a positive effect on human health,
  2. others show the opposite: a device that produces a poisonous gas has a detrimental effect on our bodies.

Indeed, both are right to some extent: ozonation has a beneficial effect on the inhabitants of the clean room, but if the dose of ozone exceeds the permissible norm, the effect changes dramatically. With a high concentration of gas and violation of the operating rules, the ozone generator will cause great harm to all living things: people, animals, plants.

What is the ozone generators for?

The main task of the device is to generate a certain amount of ozone, which at the molecular level will destroy unwanted odor particles, viruses, bacteria and fungi. The device helps to permanently eliminate odors in the room (even persistent ones like after a fire), kills pathogenic microflora and fights mold in damp rooms.

How does the ozone generator work?

  1. The user sets the operating time of the device via a timer and presses the “On” button.
  2. The high voltage source transfers of approximately 30 kV to the electric discharge generator.
  3. Ozone is generated in the generator.
  4. The fan circulates the generated substance throughout the volume of the room.
  5. After a certain period of time, the device turns itself off.

Ozone generators are used in apartments, houses, hotels, bars and restaurants. In addition, the device is an essential assistant in car washes and car dealerships that carry out pre-sale preparation of cars. In terms of performance, the benefits of ozone generators are obvious.

The advantages of ozone generators

For premises:

  1. Effective air deodorizing: After ozonation, the room or car interior smells fresh, the smell of cigarette smoke, humidity, corpse smell, etc. disappears;
  2. 100% disinfection of air, clothes and shoes, upholstered furniture – the effect of ozone is harmful to any pathogenic microflora;
  3. Elimination of mold and mildew in places where other methods are powerless;
  4. Cleaning of air conditioners, ventilation and split systems without calling the master;
  5. Quick control of the consequences of the diffusion of mercury vapors (demercurization).

Ozone treatment is used not only for air purification, but also for the disinfection of water and food. Industrial ozone generators provide valuable assistance to increase the shelf life of vegetables, fruits, grains in warehouses.

For humans: ozone in low concentrations has a positive effect on the body. The effect of ozonation while maintaining the permissible gas concentration for our health is as follows:

  1. Improvement of blood flow;
  2. Neutralization of harmful substances in the body;
  3. Improvement after radiation injury;
  4. Greater antioxidant protection;
  5. Acceleration of metabolism;
  6. Anesthesia;
  7. Healing of foci of inflammation;
  8. Promote the treatment of wounds, burns, skin diseases, herpes, fungi, etc.
  9. General increase in immunity.

Warning! Ozone therapy (physiotherapeutic treatment with a medical ozone generator) is one of the directions in non-traditional practice, the effectiveness of which has not been clinically confirmed. On the contrary, there is evidence that ozone negatively affects human organs. In many countries of the world, this method is not officially recognized and its use is allowed only with a documented warning of the patient about the possible consequences of ozone treatment.

The damage-generating ozone

If the permitted ozone content in a house or car is exceeded, the beneficial properties of ozonation will turn into qualities that are dangerous for interior objects and the life of the inhabitants. The damage that the ozonator can cause:

  1. Destruction of polymer coated surfaces;
  2. Damage to metal and rubber products;
  3. Breakdown of household appliances;
  4. Human poisoning with ozone.

Due to improper use of the ozone generator, the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of gas in the room can be exceeded. In this case, the person will feel unpleasant sensations in the chest, it will seem to him that he is choking, coughing, nausea and headache will appear. When the MPC exceeds 10%, there is a significant threat to life.

Frequent presence in the room, even with a slight excess of the ozone norm, provokes the development of oncology, atherosclerosis, infertility, so it is important:

  • firstly, choose the right ozonator in terms of performance when buying,
  • secondly, do not violate the rules of operation of the purchased device.

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