October 25, 2021

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oraimo Freepods 3 sold out in the first week of launch

It is no longer news or debate that oraimo, a smart lifestyle brand specializing in the production of smart accessories, has established itself over the years as a smart technology leader and high quality brand for its esteemed consumers. Branding as a force to be reckoned with in the smart accessories market offers its consumers the freedom to explore creativity through cutting-edge product design / functionality; thus ensuring a smart lifestyle for its consumers.

The word on the lips of smart accessories consumers and marketer testimonials say that September 28, 2021 was a day when another milestone was placed in the entire smart accessories and technology market in Nigeria when oraimo launched the long-awaited FreePods 3. Consumer expectation, anticipation and anticipation were so expressed as the now-hour FreePods 3 was completely sold out in the first week of launch. Incredibly enough but not surprising that such a feat was effortlessly achieved in a single day, oraimo’s credibility in producing durable, quality, and value accessories has been tested over the years, and has nevertheless been found to be up to par. of the task of setting records to solve problems and break records again.

While customers have not completely outgrown the innovation packages and features in the FreePods 2, oraimo has also successfully calibrated the taste buds of consumers to crave a more mind-blowing and appetizing product as we remained in the crucible of the puzzle of speculation the possible features. of FreePods 3. The long-awaited release of FreePods 3 for many people has been like a driver rushing to a million dollar date whose eyes are glued to the lights, waiting for a go. oraimo has given the new FreePods 3 TWS (True Wireless Stereo) the Midas touch as the high expectations they had were met by this new sound magic that oraimo has made available with the new HavyBass technology, the unique amplifier system of the bass of oraimo, which has been applied in the audio products.

With the quality and value enshrined in FreePods 3, audiences, sound lovers, music aficionados and smart accessory fanatics are in a frenzied wait for more innovations that the oraimo brand will once again roll into the tech space. Everyone’s speculations about FreePods 3’s features have been hugely outdated, now people just expect us to do their magic thing again.

With various tech news sites, analysts, users, and journalists broadcasting different views and opinions on the possible reason why FreePods 3 was sold out in just one day, some of the points raised were the high quality of the previous product (FreePods 2 ) could have been a determining factor in the new device’s sales record. The specifications of the newly released FreePods 3 have also been emphasized and pointed to as an important factor that could have sponsored the sale of FreePods 3. Each FreePods 3 feature is tailored to meet the specific needs of Nigerian consumers in terms of sound, durability and design. .

LONG PLAYING TIME: Power instability in this climate will not be an articulate issue on the new device as it boasts a total playtime of 36 hours and a 5-minute charge for 40-minute playback, at full charge a consumer can spend an entire day without being cluttered with charging as there would still be an excess of 8 hours for the next day.

CLEAR VOICE ON CALL: (Environmental Noise Cancellation Tech) the FreePods 3 comes with the ability to block out external and surrounding noise, giving the consumer a better voice and no ambient noise and helping a better hearing condition and balance for people on the other side of the call with the integrated ENC function of FreePods 3.

SOUND QUALITY: 2baba engaged in tuning. It’s tuned for the Afrobeat, featuring a deep bass experience, distinct stereo sound, and most of all designed for Naija. Oraimo’s unique HavyBass technology has been integrated to give a boost to bass, which has been applied in audio products.

Sweat proof: FreePods 3 is designed to allow users not to panic from sweat or liquids that come across the product, thanks to its IPX5 Water & Sweat Proof. So, you can listen to a song in the gym or any activity and don’t worry about sweat droplets hitting your device.

Sweat proof isn’t just the only makeover this product wears, the Dust Resistant feature is second to none as FreePods 3 is not vulnerable to dust.

Bass and awareness modes (in-ear and mid-in-ear) convertible: the first brand to do so in Nigeria, 2 modes for both ears; Bass Mode and Awareness Mode. Bass mode blocks ambient noise and blocks air leaks to boost bass, while awareness mode will allow you to adapt to your surroundings, meaning you can listen to music and still be able to hear important sounds such as horns, sirens without any danger to the user.

Open the case lid and connect instantly, the speed of connecting to the main device is similar to a slight movement, connecting the devices to the FreePods 3 outshines every other similar smart product on the market in such a convenient way without hindrance.

The FreePods 3’s ergonomic S / M / L 3-size earphones are for achieving the highest degree of efficiency, productivity and comfort practicable and achievable. Furthermore, FreePods 3 is a design BT 5.2 chip for seamless and faster Bluetooth connectivity.

oraimo with its degree of excellence and quality along with the high brand value for its consumers offers a 1 year warranty with Carlcare’s high-tech support. As a brand whose durability can be guaranteed, the testimony and praise of the value fused in each product has earned the support and trust of numerous gadget retailers, consumers and tech enthusiasts around the world.

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