June 15, 2021

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Operation Barkhane: France declares end to anti-terror military mission in Sahel

Operation Barkhane: France declares end to anti-terror military mission in Sahel

However, the operation, dubbed Operation Barkhane, will be replaced by international efforts, Macron told reporters ahead of the G7 summit. He added that more details would be announced “in the coming weeks.”

France currently has 5,100 troops in the region related to Operation Barkhane, operating across Chad, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Burkina Faso, according to the French Ministry of Defense.

Despite their efforts, Islamist militants continued to stir up unrest in the region, almost a decade after French and Malian troops were relocated to impede their progress. Meanwhile, in France, Operation Barkhane is becoming more and more common long run on property without a clear end.

Macron said France would now turn to American and European allies and launch a “profound change” of French troops in the Sahel.

“This transformation will be transformed into a model change” and a “new system” meaning “the end of Barkhane as an external project, to allow for support and cooperation work with the military and the national [Sahel] the region is asking for it, ”Macron said.

“The time has come. Continuing our engagement in the Sahel may not be the same way. We are going, we and our partners on our side but also the countries in the region (…) to reach a conclusion. talk about what worked. ..) and what didn’t. “

Macron said that “military action and international cooperation will replace Barkhane’s role, bringing together countries in the region and all of our partners, limiting the mere fight against terrorism,” Macron said.

The Takuba Task Force – a French-led military force that leads, supports and joins the Malian and Sahel forces – fought a major battle. The French army would be the “backbone” of the force, made up of special forces from Europe and its allies.

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Macron said France’s long presence in foreign affairs could not hinder the return of the state as well as the role of the state and the political stability and size of the ruling elite.

“We can’t protect areas that fall into disrepair because the states have decided not to take on their responsibilities. It’s not possible,” he said.

At the request of Mali, France – a former power – launched Operation Serval, a United Nations-sanctioned operation against Islamist militants, in January 2013. The plan was to expel jihadists and prevent them from moving to the capital, Bamako.

The UN released the peacekeeping mission, MINUSMA, and the French mission to success in August 2014 through Operation Barkhane, a comprehensive French terror campaign targeting Islamists in the Sahel.

In recent months, the French government has become embroiled in political unrest in Mali, here a new leader is announced the end of last month followed the second government in less than a year.

In an interview on May 29 in the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche, Macron threatened to withdraw French troops from Mali if the country fled to radical Islamism.