July 29, 2021

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Online petition submitted to cancel the Tokyo Olympics

Petition File to Cancel the Olympics, ca. 3 million signatures sent

The Japanese urges to “give priority to life”

About three lakhs of signatures were signed on Friday on the online petition filed to cancel the Tokyo Olympics. The petition presented was presented to the governor of the city for “Priority to lives”. Organizers urged the city governor to cancel the Olympics due to great opposition from the Japanese people.

The online petition titled “Cancel the Tokyo Olympics to Protect Our Lives” was launched this month. A lawyer and former Tokyo governor candidate Kenji Utsunomiya has launched the online petition. He collected the signatures of three lakh supporters to pressure the governor to cancel the Tokyo Olympics.

Source: Google

However, the petition poll shows that a majority of Japanese people support Kenji. The Tokyo Olympics were postponed in 2020 and this year they were about to be organized. But due to strong opposition, the game is suspended, but a decision must be made by the governor.

Tokyo Olympics postponed

Tokyo was supposed to host the Olympics in 2020, but due to a deadly Coronavirus outbreak around the world, the game has been postponed. The delay in the game prompted the organizers to host the game this year. But due to the huge waves of new COVID-19 Variant cases in Japan and other countries, the game is opposed.

After the petition was signed by large oppositions calling for the cancellation of the game, the organizers are deciding to delay. Kenji said: “The organizers must prioritize life over the Olympics or any event.” The signatories are pressuring Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike to ask the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to cancel the game.

Whereas, the governor’s decision depends on the decisions made by the IOC whether to cancel or delay the games. But Tokyo as a host city has the power to urge the IOC to cancel the Olympics.

The IOC will decide on the petition

The petition must be passed by the governor of the city to the IOC and the International Paralympic Committee. Both the Olympic Committee will decide on the petition that local organizers and the national government can interfere in the decision.

Japan is battling the fourth wave of COVID-19. Tokyo and the other five states are in an emergency. The cases are expanding to other regions of the country.

The petitioner said: “Keeping the Olympics in this critical situation means setting aside valuable medical resources for the games”. Even the doctors’ union has warned and urged not to play games in the pandemic. It will be impossible to control the cases but the organizers say the countermeasures will keep the Japanese safe. However, according to the petitioners, “people’s lives are more important than money”.

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