October 20, 2021

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Online Dating: Please don’t play hard to get

Online Dating: Please don't play hard to get

  • You myth: Women want a hard-to-get man.

This is actually a file fallacy. And here’s why –

I can guarantee it fallacy it only leads to stressful relationships and unhappiness. Let’s take a look at some common “hard-to-get scenarios”:

  1. If an Eastern European woman doesn’t reply to your message within 72 hours, you shouldn’t send her another message.
  2. Do not reply to his message within 12 hours.
  3. When he wants to make plans with you, he becomes elusive.
  4. Pretend you’re busy when you’re not busy at all.

If any of the above scenarios happened in your love life, you are doing it wrong. I understand why this fallacy sounds great: “I should get the award. This will make her try to win me over. It will give a lot of value to a man she has to work hard for.” However, this fallacy it leads men to manipulate relationships, to exclude themselves from letting Eastern European women find out who they are and hide their feelings / emotions. This fallacy it just creates a fake “hard to break” character.

In western countries, men and women often play with each other. This is exactly why you attend the west it’s hard – you tell women your schedule is full when you’re not even busy; make sure I send you the file last text message at night; cancel plans with her to look elusive / high value.

Now you may be wondering, “The harder I am to get, the more she wants what she can’t have. It’s not right? “

In the beginning it can happen. However, there is one more step and you will soon find out once you finally give her what she wants, she will not it looks more so beautiful. Therefore, this is actually a cat string theory, that is, if you dangle a rope over a cat, the cat will continue to claw the rope (trying to get the item). When you finally give up on the elusive rope, the cat does not i want the item longer. Sad but true!

Now you understand the nature of the difficult to obtain: this fallacy only attracts an Eastern European woman a processes rather than a you! She’s drawn to the idea of ​​having you, but when she finally catches you, she’ll start wondering if she was so bothered in the first place. Hopefully now it is crystal clear.

Some Western men even think, “That means I just have to keep playing mind games with her to keep wanting me for the rest of my life.” Therefore, they play mind games, never they actually engage in a relationship out of fear of “losing their power,” and even withdraw into themselves for no reason.

Obviously, this isn’t the best way to find happiness in any relationship. In fact, only two types of women will remain married to men who play hard to get:

  1. A woman who plays the same game.
  2. A woman with a lot insecurities.
  • Forget the “hard to get” game; actually being a high value guy.

It just makes it hard to get have you the prize. Once a woman gets the prize, she has won the game you are playing with her. IS not a meaningful long-term relationship. Note that Eastern European women are looking for meaningful, long-term and sustainable relationships.

So, there has to be a better way to become an attractive man – What Eastern European women really want is a gentleman who is actually of high value.

You read that right. It’s a lot simple. Eastern European women want to meet high-value men instead of hard-to-get men.

If you’ve only been dating western women in the past, this concept may seem foreign to you because playing mind games is the theme in the dating scene in Western countries. So, it might take every day commitment to work to ground this in your character in the long run.

A man of high worth devotes his efforts to becoming in reality exciting and with a wonderful lifestyle. In the long run, this is exactly what makes an Eastern European woman believe that a guy is truly special and worth getting married. This way he will understand that the prize is not about pick you up only; the prize is about build a real relationship with a nice guy.

Unlike the hard to get ones, a high value gives you permission to be genuine and sincere. Conversely, hard to achieve relies on just telling men to hide who they really are or expressing a cool character to hide their true intentions. Clearly, the hard-to-get game comes from a place of insecurity rather than a position of power.

“A high-value guy leads his own life. “