June 24, 2021

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‘Oh come on!’ Peston explodes into a furious Brexit queue as he loses patience with Lewis

Robert Peston criticized Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis for the government’s stance on the northern Ireland protocol after talks between the UK and the European Union failed to reach agreement. Speaking to his ITV policy program, Peston argued that the UK was “not honoring” the protocol as agreed in the Brexit agreement negotiated with Brussels. Talks between Brexit Minister Lord Frost and EU Vice President Maros Sefcovic ended Wednesday with no deals on the regulation of goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

Brandon Lewis argued on the Peston program that the EU fueled tensions over the protocol by briefly activating Article 16, a one-sided last resort option in the deal, in a vaccine supply dispute.

However, Mr. Peston argued that negotiations on cargo regulation and port controls were a completely different matter.

Interrupting Mr. Lewis, he said: “Wait a minute, Article 16 was a completely different matter.

“What we are talking about now is a protocol that we have signed with open eyes.

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“Which most people would say we’re just not honoring.”

Mr Lewis replied: “Two things about this Robert, first of all, the real sense of tension we have seen developing here in Northern Ireland has changed dramatically since that action taken by the EU.

“It made an impact, it’s still a reality. We are still dealing with the relapse, the sense of anger in the unionist community that arose after that action.

“There is no question about this in my mind from talking to people.”

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The EU argued this week that refrigerated foods, including sausages, entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK should be frozen.

There has already been an increase in paperwork from mainland Britain, discouraging suppliers from selling goods and leading to shortages in Northern Ireland’s supermarkets.

Grace periods for companies to comply with the new rules expire at the end of the month, but Boris Johnson is reportedly considering extending them with no clear agreement on the horizon.

Ahead of his meeting with the Prime Minister at the G7 summit in Cornwall this week, US President Joe Biden issued a stern warning that the UK should not jeopardize the Northern Ireland peace process through negotiations. commercial.

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