October 25, 2021

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Odessa Women: the # 1 guide to dating Ukrainian girls in Odessa

Odessa Women: the # 1 guide to dating Ukrainian girls in Odessa

Ukrainian women are known all over the world for their beauty, style and grace. And there are few cities in the whole country better than Odessa. Odessa is known all over the world for being a beautiful city for culture, nightlife and of course a place to meet Ukrainian women. Therefore, today we are discussing the details of the meeting with the women of Odessa, Ukraine.

Let’s begin!

Welcome to Odessa: the pearl of the Black Sea

Odessa is like no other city in Ukraine. Being the third most populous city in the entire country, it has been a historically important hub for the country for centuries.

The main reason for this is that Odessa is located on the southernmost tip of Ukraine, directly on the Black Sea. The city has always been a hub for the nation when it comes to the exchange of goods, services and people.

Consequently, Odessa is a combination of a more southern Mediterranean culture mixed with the typical atmosphere of the former Soviet nation.

What you get is a very, very interesting mix of cultures, and honestly just a super fun city to spend some time in.

As you may already know, Odessa is known around the world for its nightlife and for good reason. Summer sees armies of bikini-clad girls strut around Deribasovskaya, the city’s main pedestrian area. In many ways, Odessa is a true beach paradise.

I know I know. Beaches may not be the first thing you think about when you come to Ukraine. But, surprisingly, they are in reality pretty decent in Odessa.

If you want to get a glimpse of Odessa’s local culture, check out a 2014 vlog made by an old friend of Expat Ukraine, Roosh V. Roosh lived there on the scene while working on a travel memoir that gives then he took off the shelves.

In fact, we are almost in tears watching this video because it was one of the very first pieces of content that inspired us to travel to Ukraine for the first time.

Feel free to pause reading for a glimpse into life as an expat in Ukraine.

Note: Roosh V no longer approves of his past job as a dating coach.


Ah man, this video hits me every time.

Seeing is believing, right? And best of all, you can live in a much nicer apartment than Roosh imagined even here in Ukraine. In many ways, Roosh’s work has just opened the surface to what is possible in Ukraine as a foreigner.

The only thing that is better than the local culture in Odessa (which we absolutely love), are the women who inhabit the city.

Brief about Ukrainian women

One of the most interesting aspects of a type of port city is the ethnic diversity of the people who live there.

Think about it. Men on ships have been in and out of the city for centuries, meeting and mingling with local women. 9 months later, a new baby crawls around, who will be raised in Ukraine, but has blood from all over the world.

As a result, the local population looks a bit more Mediterranean than the average Ukrainian girl.

This cultural mix makes the girl a little more carefree and “fun” than the more stoic and Slavic traits that Ukrainian women are famous for in other cities of the country.

In short, Odessa women are short, sexy and sensual. What is not to love?

Odessa Women: it seems

Odessa is a place of great variety. And as they say, variety is the spice of life.

For starters, there really isn’t a “typical” looking Ukrainian girl. Aside from the fact that you can expect most Ukrainian women to be extremely well-groomed and stylish, the genetic variation between a country of 80 million people is truly enormous.

While there are plenty of sexy blondes, you’ll find just as many brunettes in town and a generally larger population of olive-skinned beauties.

Also, Odessa can be a bit of a tourist destination for women from all over Ukraine. From the remotest of villages to the big city of Kiev, most Ukrainians have been to Odessa at least once. Many make an annual pilgrimage during the warmer holiday months.

Attitudes of the women of Odessa

The attitudes of Odessa women are similar to the rest of Ukraine, except that local girls can be a bit more “wild” than girls from Kiev, Lviv or Kharkiv.

This is not to say that Odessa women are easy. But it could be said that we were luckier to have a night in Odessa than any other city in the country. It might be because it’s a party town, or because we always tend to go there in the summer, but it sure is a great vacation from the rest of the country.

Odessa women are, on the whole, a bit more bohemian in their attitudes than the rest of the country. The whole place is much, much more relaxed than a big Ukrainian city. In many ways, it personifies a “sleepy beach town” you might find in California or Florida, but with a Ukrainian twist.

The women here seem to be just a little bit more comfortable. It is refreshing when you try to chat with a total ice queen in Kiev who will remain there, frozen as you try to make small talk.

My favorite thing about Odessa is that very often women respond a little more warmly to your progress than most other Ukrainian cities. It is almost a bit more like Serbia than Ukraine.

However, you will need to keep your smarts when navigating the dating culture in Odessa.

After all, it is Ukraine.

Odessa Dating Culture

In Ukraine, you generally stick to the “three date model” most of the time.

We’ve talked about it pretty extensively, but it essentially gives you a roadmap to plan your dates with. Start with a quick meeting at a bar, plan your second date at a cocktail bar, and finally “close the deal” at your home with a bottle of wine.

In Ukraine, this is generally the best solution for the vast majority of the time. Most Ukrainian girls don’t go out on a first date, and that’s generally a good thing,

But Odessa offers more opportunities for the same night action.

Of course, you can meet a kind and chaste type of girl in Odessa just like you can in any other part of the country. That said, you can also meet girls who are a little more, say, “liberated” even in Odessa.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is a bit of a party town. Or maybe it has something to do with warmer weather. It may also have a lot to do with the fact that many Ukrainians will come to live there for the summer and return to their hometowns once autumn arrives.

No ties to a city often mean no ties to sex either.

Of course, a girl on vacation will be much easier than a lady in her hometown. While his reputation can be damaged if he sleeps in his hometown, Odessa can be a bit of a lawless place.

All in all, you can count on Odessa to be a great place to meet Ukrainian women of all kinds.

Here’s how you do it …

How to meet women in Odessa

In the past, meeting Odessa women meant jumping on a plane, traveling halfway around the world, and coldly approaching dozens of girls in hopes of finding an interested woman.

And honestly, this isn’t a bad idea if you’re the adventurous type. Obviously, we are big fans of permanent life in Ukraine.

But there is a better way to learn about what Odessa has to offer before setting foot in the city. And you can start doing it now.

Women in Ukraine have been using online dating as one of the most popular ways to meet potential new friends for years.

As we discussed earlier, there are generally far more women in Ukraine than men. Couple this with high rates of alcoholism and poverty among local men, and many Ukrainian women have started looking elsewhere entirely.

On the plus side, however, this demographic imbalance has made it such that a quality man can choose among local women. In other words, a Western man with his acting together is a seriously hot commodity in Odessa and Ukraine as a whole.

Overall, this is why so many women in Odessa (and across Ukraine) are willing to use online dating as a means of finding a good guy for a date or wedding.

That said, you have to use the quite right dating app to meet women for everything to work out.

Not all dating apps are created equal

Not from a long shot! In fact, there’s pretty much only one dating app that we recommend you try, and that’s Ukraine Date.

Ukraine Date is the best dating app for dating women across the country and there are a few reasons for that.

Ukraine Date has over 1 million (that’s right, millions with an m) of active profiles on-site. Better yet, these profiles are individually approved to ensure that every page is legitimate and that no scammers can access the site. Backed by an award-winning team of trust and security, it’s easy to see why Ukraine Date is the best dating site in Ukraine.

In many ways, it may be one of the only legitimate Ukrainian dating sites currently in existence. Needless to say, we had a great time using the app. We’ve had countless serious relationships, short-term girlfriends, and even one night stand adventures from Ukraine Date.

If you’re interested in learning more about our thoughts on Ukraine Date, check out our full site review here.

Conclusion: Odessa women are worth it!

Not falling in love with a place like Odessa is difficult. Whether it’s the beach vibe, a cultural mix or the hordes of beautiful women walking its streets, there is something about this place that keeps us coming back every year.

And of course, Odessa remains one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet to find a beautiful woman too. The only question is: why have you already started doing this?

Good luck out there!

-Expat Ukraine