June 15, 2021

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Oakland Athletics Statistics of the Day, June 2021

Seattle Mariners Stat of the Day, June 2021

2021-06-11 05:49:00

MLB.com tracks a stat of the day for the A’s this season, highlighting a unique, interesting or fun nugget of each game.

June 10: Royals 6, A’s 1 – A rare Righty HR for Jed
Jed Lowrie’s home run against Mike Minor in Thursday’s game was his first off a left-handed pitcher since 2018, during his previous stint with the A’s.

June 9: A’s 4, D-backs 0 – A series of sweeps in the second season
After completing a two-game sweep of the D-backs, the A’s finished 4-0 in their season series against Arizona. This is the second time the A’s have won a series of the season against the D-backs, after being defeated 3-0 in 2001.

June 8: A’s 5, D-backs 2 – Pinder off the bench
Chad Pinder went off the bench in Tuesday’s game and recorded three hits. In doing so, he joined Ossee Schrecongost and Mike Gallego as the only players in A’s history with two career three-shot shots in games that have not started.

June 6: Rockies 3, A’s 1 – Kaprielian’s strong start
Across five starts, James Kaprielian has an ERA of 3.08 over 26 1/3 innings and has eliminated more than one hitter per frame, for a total of 28 in that interval.

June 5: A’s 6, Rockies 3 – Irvin had what it takes
Cole Irvin generated 19 calls and puffs with his fastball, the most he has had in a single start to his career.

June 4: A’s 9, Rockies 5 – Warriors of the road
The A’s have averaged eight points in the first four games of their current road trip after averaging just three points in their last home game (which spanned seven games).

June 2: A’s 6, Mariners 0 – Manaea walks away again
Sean Manaea has taken exclusive possession of the Major League advantage with two foreclosures this season. On April 20 he launched a seven-innings shutout in a doubleheader’s first game against the Twins.

June 1: A’s 12, Mariners 6 – Melvin assists La Russa
A’s manager Bob Melvin hit a huge milestone on Tuesday with his 799th win as A’s manager, surpassing Hall of Famer Tony La Russa for the most managerial wins in Oakland history. The franchise record is Connie Mack’s 3,582 during her tenure with the Philadelphia Athletics.