June 22, 2021

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NSW School Founder Invites Parents to Immunity Webinar So They Can “Choose Not to Get” Covid Vaccine | Current world news | Latest news

A parent whose children attend a regional Montessori school New South Wales said she was “stunned” to receive an invitation from the school’s founders to an “exciting” webinar given by a macrobiotic food enthusiast, who would teach them how to strengthen their immunity so they could “choose not to take” the vaccination. against Covid-19.

The email was sent by Donna McCulloch, a co-founder of Bega’s Thomas More Christian Montessori School, and said: “a world-renowned [sic] Marcobiology [sic] Consultant who is a personal friend of mine… is holding important seminars via Zoom from Stockholm ”.

“I asked him if he would give one for our parents,” said the email, which was sent to all parents on June 3.

“He kindly accepted. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. The first part of the presentation is about natural immunity and the benefit of good health during the crisis.

“Then switch to the vaccine. It provides people with the information they need to prepare for the hit and what to do after receiving it for those who have needed to make this choice. It also educates people on the benefits of natural immunity by showing how they can choose not to take jab. “