September 22, 2021

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“Noisy bombing in Ukraine”: Russia is creating disinformation around its military buildup Euromaidan Press

"Noisy bombing in Ukraine": Russia is creating disinformation around its military buildup Euromaidan Press

04/15/2021 – 15:46 •

Pre-modeled narratives

In 2019, the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, a Kremlin-funded think tank, published the essay “Information protection for foreign policy purposes in the context of the digital reality“The paper quotes Russian military theorist Aleksander Bartosh:

A pre-modeled narrative, responsive to the national interests of the state, can significantly diminish the impact of foreign forces’ activities in the information sphere, as they as a rule attempt to fill the “gaps” [in the information flow].

This method of preemptively modeled narratives is highly visible as we look at the constant stream of misinformation regarding Russia’s military formation around Ukraine.

“The strings that bind puppet Ukraine”

For example, EU vs Disinfo singled out the claim that the Ukrainian armed forces seek to provoke a full-scale armed conflict in the Donbas. Likewise, it has been argued that by provoking Russia, Ukraine plays the role assigned to it by NATO, namely justifying the existence of the Alliance under the pretext of the Russian threat.

Many of these narratives aim to portray Ukraine as a puppet of the West, forcing audiences to see the conflict as an easy-to-understand stalemate between East and West. Think of the claim that the “Anglo-Saxons” are pushing Kiev into full-scale hostilities in the Donbass. Supporting this picture is also the false story that President Zelenskii tries to sit in power by force to please foreign sponsors. Similar is the claim that Zelenskii is unable to make independent decisions and dances to the pace of the United States.

A story also drags this theme of Ukrainian addiction into the realm of religious beliefs and churches. According to this claim, it was under the influence of the United States that the Patriarchate of Constantinople granted autocephalous status to the Ukrainian Church in 2019, in order to weaken the Moscow Patriarchate. We have had many of these cases in 2019.

Another “proof” that the West is behind the new escalation is the claim that the US is preparing Ukraine for war in the Donbas, allegedly sending weapons every day. Similarly, another claim argues that the United States uses Ukraine as an intermediary, as a meat grinder, to further their plan to counter Russia and ignite a new war in order to serve the interests of the states’ military-industrial complex. United.

The pro-Kremlin media have again pushed the false narrative we saw last week, in which a 4 or 5-year-old boy in the Donbas dies after a Ukrainian army drone attack. The emotionally stimulating statement was not verified (the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, having visited the crash site on April 2, reported finding a 20cm wide crater and a lot of shrapnel damage around it, yet “could not assess the type of device that caused the crater “, – Ed.)

“Internal conflict”

Pro-Kremlin media also spread disinformation downplaying Russia’s role in Ukraine. Since 2015, EU vs Disinfo have already identified it 116 claims about a “civil war” in the country. This supports the false view that Ukraine is locked in a civil war, while masking Russian interference and the illegal annexation of Crimea.

This narrative was reinforced by the assertion that Russia is not a party to the conflict and is not interested in a conflict with Ukraine. Similarly: the conflict in the Donbas is only internal, the Russian army does not participate in the hostilities in Ukraine. In a more extreme narrative variant: Ukraine is becoming authoritarian and preparing a genocide!

In a similar (and recurring) narrative, which seriously downplays Russia’s involvement, it was claimed that Crimea voted democratically, in full compliance with international law, for reunification with Russia.

Furthermore, EU vs Disinfo identified the claim that Ukraine launched a military operation in 2014 against the “Donetsk People’s Republic” and the “Luhansk People’s Republic”, while Russia has repeatedly claimed that it is not a party to the conflict. Claiming you’re not a party doesn’t make you innocent.

The vaccine revolutions and the Anglo-Saxon order

This week EU vs Disinfo has identified double standards when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines. In the West, the Sputnik V vaccine is being targeted by an aggressive campaign of denigration.

Ukraine, Covid-19, vaccines: in the world of pro-Kremlin disinformation, everything ultimately concerns Western plans to establish a world order. Generals always fight the last war.

This imagined world order originates in the United States. Therefore, it is not surprising that we have again identified the claim that “the Biden regime” is illegitimate and un-American. Another statement challenges the legitimacy of Biden’s victory, offering a notable benchmark for democratic legitimacy: the election of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin himself.

As always, there were even more extravagant dishes served by the pro-Kremlin media kitchen. One claimed that “liberalism is equal to Satanism”, as it subverts national, moral and religious values ​​by replacing them with satanic ideals. Another claims that for Europeans, consuming Navalny’s story has become their favorite “fast food”. You can try it yourself.

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