June 19, 2021

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Nigerians can now be prosecuted for using Twitter

It has gone mad in the most populous country in Africa.

After The Nigerian federal government has announced a ban on Twitter On Friday, the service was limited by decree. This follows Twitter’s decision to remove Muhammadu Buhari’s tweet referring to the country’s civil war in a warning against the riots caused by the cessionists.

So here’s the thing. Remember when we banned social media in Zimbabwe?

Dude, he was tense.

Well, we started using VPNs and that’s what some Nigerians have started tweeting.

And so the attorney general said anyone found using Twitter will be prosecuted. How this will work is currently unclear. What we have seen, however, is that some of the Nigerian Twitter accounts we follow have gone black.

Meanwhile, KeepItOn, which fights internet restrictions, has gained ground, ranking # 1 on Twitter.

What effect it has on the government is unclear.

All we know is that it is now tense.