July 29, 2021

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Nigeria calls for Sunday Igboho’s extradition from the Republic of Benin

The federal government of Nigeria has initiated the process for Sunday Igboho’s extradition from the Republic of Benin.

The Yoruba agitator was arrested Monday night in the neighboring village.

Nigeria should not face resistance from the Beninois government, a longstanding ally.

Authorities consider the most populous nation in Africa to be “big brother”.

Igboho was declared wanted after the Department of State Services (DSS) operation at his Ibadan residence on July 1.

He was asked to turn himself in to the nearest security agency. But the secessionist went underground.

Igboho stayed away from the July 3 Yoruba Nation rally which he promoted and later canceled due to the assault on his home.

An intelligence source told DAILY POST that there was nothing supernatural about him and that his hiding place had been identified.

“If this secessionist thinks he’s hiding, that thought should be erased. The government knows where it is but is holding back for tactical reasons, “the source said.

The strategy was to wait for him to come out of hiding. Igboho was only caught ten days after federal agencies put him on the arrest list.

The July 9 note copied the DSS, the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Nigerian police.

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