June 15, 2021

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Seven new signs of COVID-19

With an increase in several coronavirus mutations (new COVID-19 symptoms) and an ever-growing list of COVID-19 symptoms, it has become more important to be alert and aware of not only severe, but also mild and unusual symptoms of SARS-COV-2. That said, the most recent reports have so far suggested seven new symptoms of COVID-19, which are among the three most common symptoms, ranging from fever, dry cough, and loss of smell and taste.

Three classic characteristics of COVID19

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the three most common and classic symptoms of COVID-19 according to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) are fever, persistent cough, and decreased or change in smell or taste. Furthermore, these three symptoms could also be some of the earliest symptoms of COVID-19. According to the COVID Symptom Study app, your body temperature can help you find out if you have a virus. According to the study app, if your body temperature is higher than normal body temperature, this could be an indication of COVID-19.

Seven more symptoms of the coronavirus

Although people are already aware of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, (new COVID-19 symptoms) experts suggest a broader focus on the spectrum of diseases caused by malignant tumors. Attention limited to classical symptoms alone poses an even greater risk of spreading to the health of the most vulnerable. That said, local health officials in Warrington, Cheshire, UK have listed a number of seven new COVID symptoms.

  • – Burning throat
  • – Muscle aches and joint pains
  • – diarrhea
  • – Conjunctivitis
  • – Headache
  • – rash
  • – Displacement of the fingers or toes

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According to Warrington’s Director of Public Health, Thara Raj, “There have been many cases where a person who tested positive for the coronavirus in Warrington had very mild symptoms, or symptoms other than the classic three. We had them.”

“These people, who started feeling sick, helped us prevent the spread of the virus in Warrington,” he said.

To take steps

Although the symptoms of COVID-19 resemble the symptoms of the common cold or other allergies, it is important to control yourself as soon as symptoms of the deadly virus develop. You should remain isolated until your report is received so that the virus does not spread.

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Do not admit visitors and avoid public ceremonies until the exam results are obtained.

If you are COVID positive and develop mild symptoms, (new COVID-19 symptoms) can treat it at home. In case of high temperatures, remember to drink plenty of fluids and rest in sufficient quantities.

In case of worsening of symptoms and serious health complications, consult a doctor and go to hospital immediately.

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“Prevention is better than cure and, therefore, it is correct and relevant, because COVID-19 can only be incorporated by taking all precautionary measures.

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Maintain social distance and wear masks in public and crowded places. Wash your hands regularly and disinfect surfaces that are touched frequently to limit the spread of the virus.

When to seek medical assistance?

If your COVID symptoms worsen or have a serious impact on your health and daily functioning, it’s important to see a doctor.

Shortness of breath, severe chest pains, and unbearable pains in the joints and muscles can lead to hospitalization and seeking specialized help. Don’t ignore these signs and treat yourself before it’s too late.

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