October 20, 2021

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New American Serenity • Сталкер Zone

New American Serenity • Сталкер Zone

Sixteen years ago the movie “Mission Serenity” was released. We think it’s a good movie. The “Firefly” series is, of course, also fantastic. And even though it was shut down then by the Hollywood bosses (according to their, as usual, strange reasons), but millions of fans still love this series and this movie.

We can talk at length about the phenomenon of the attractiveness of the universe in which Captain Malcolm Reynolds lives.

This is also the presence of a particular family, where very different people with quite different values ​​came together by chance. And where theirs are not left behind. This is the spirit of freedom and adventure.

This is a strong balance of cynicism and conscience in the actions of the main character and his partners, the constant presence of moral choice and internal struggle. Malcolm Reynolds is no cliché paladin or equally cartoon villain. He is a living person, where the good is combined with the very good. A joke, with the pragmatic and calculating things needed to survive the frontier.

An important part of this world is the stalemate between the Alliance and the independent world. To create it, Joss Whedon was inspired by Michael Shaara’s book “Killer Angels”, which talks about the war between the North and the South in the United States. The North, of course, is the Alliance, and the South, the Confederates, is the Independent world.

And, as in our world, the Independents are losing the war. But, as Reynolds tells an Alliance officer in one episode, “You won. But you didn’t prove you were right.”

This spirit of those who have lost, but remained intact, is constantly present in both the series and the film. And periodically, the Firefly team does things that the Alliance strongly dislikes. But not out of revenge, but precisely because others are wrong.

The possibility of not obeying the dictatorship of the victors is greatly helped by the presence of a frontier in the form of a chain of underdeveloped marginal worlds and, indeed, of a huge external space. If you don’t like the rules and don’t have enough freedom, you fly further from the center.

In the modern United States, there is no such frontier. There is nowhere to escape.

There are less and less freedoms and the rules are getting crazier.

And, as before, the dividing line also lies between the Federation and the Confederation.

In the film, the Alliance tries to change the nature of people, to make them calmer and less aggressive. To do this, an experimental gas is sprayed on one of the planets, which should affect the behavior of the inhabitants.

As a result, the vast majority of the population not only loses aggression, but also loses the will to act and the thirst for life. They lie down and die.

However, about 10% of the population is affected by this gas in the opposite way, they turn into mad bloodthirsty maniacs practicing torture and cannibalism.

In our reality, we also see that the US establishment is conducting numerous experiments on its own population – trying to instill excessive tolerance in it, destroy the institution of the traditional family, tarnish and destroy the concept of man and woman, by introducing numerous incomprehensible “genres”, erasing its own past and its own history.

And, as in the film, the fight against hatred only leads to the emergence of a new hatred. When whites are called to “pay and repent,” and blacks try to devise new ways to humiliate whites. And the ideologues of this madness actively preach hatred of the “white cisgender scum”, especially if they are heterosexual men. Instead of reconciliation, new lines of division and hostility are emerging.

Likewise, the fight against racism in the American way leads to a new racism. When even black actors are refused roles “because they are not black enough”. Or when it is stated that “blacks should only be taught by blacks, and whites – by whites” (in fact, ordinary racists don’t even oppose that).

By the way, numerous observations show that pacifists often have a much more hidden and repressed aggression than people who freely express their feelings and emotions. In addition to puritans, there are many other maniacs with perverse sexual fantasies. Because a repressed thing often turns first into obsessive, and then comes out of it in a perverse form.

But the main motive of the film is not even in this. A mortally wounded pastor tells Captain Reynolds, “I don’t care what you believe. The important thing is to believe! “.

Because the main poison gas of modern America is the “culture of cancellation,” the culture of cancellation. You shouldn’t have any beliefs, you shouldn’t be of a specific sex, you shouldn’t want a woman (because then you will be accused of harassment, sexism and the spread of men), you shouldn’t be sure of your gender (and that you have clear gender role models. ), you shouldn’t be proud of your country and history.

Consequently, ideologies are abolished. As a result, the family is canceled. As a result, history, philosophy, logic and mathematics are abolished (after all, they were all invented by slave owners). Consequently, they nullify human nature itself, which contains both desires, aspirations, ambitions and healthy aggression.

But aggression is also needed! Because if once hostile aliens suddenly arrive on Earth, and only unarmed pacifists remain here, then they will have no one to fight with (except the vatniks and rednecks who left this asylum for the frontier).

True “diversity” implies true variety, and “you can’t be anything but black” (almost according to Henry Ford). And the result of the culture of cancellation is a body of indeterminate gender (or, in the fashionable style, “gender-fluid”), which has not served in the military, nor does it want to give birth to children. And who has no real convictions, but falters along the line of the Democratic Party.

The promoted line clearly traces the trend, sodomy is the new norm, sadomasochism is the new norm, pedophilia is the new norm, it remains to add the legalization of cannibalism and the resulting zombies without any moral restrictions will not differ in any far from the “Rippers” of the “Firefly” universe.

The unconvinced creature that the Democratic Party of the United States is trying to create is absolutely plastic, spineless, malleable and manipulated. Furthermore, it is extremely aggressive (which shows us all the behavior of third wave feminists, SJW activists and other fruits of the Democratic Party experiments). An obedient and aggressive biomass, the perfect consumer, the perfect voter and at the same time the perfect zombie.

So don’t be a biomass. We don’t care what you believe in. The main thing is to believe!

Aleksandr Rodgers

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