October 19, 2021

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New $ 317 million mental health program for children under 12 – SPOTLITER NEWS

In a world first, Australia will launch a national child mental health strategy designed to capture the development of early mental illness in children.

Health Minister Greg Hunt and National Commission for Mental Health Chief Executive Christine Morgan announced today.

“We know this pandemic has been immensely tough on the mental health of so many Australians,” Hunt said.

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“But prolonged lockdowns for children, for families, for parents, have been an additional burden and therefore one of our main goals throughout the pandemic has been to provide legitimate hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. “.

Although the strategy was conceived before the outbreak of COVID-19, Hunt said it would be realized as the pandemic continued.

“Its goal is very simple. To provide better care, better care, better pathways and more hope for parents and children,” he said.

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The strategy, developed for children under 12, will be supported by a $ 317 million funding package and a roadmap outlining its use.

A particular focus will be 15 Head To Health clinics for children across Australia.

“What we wanted to do here is to focus on preserving (children’s) mental health and well-being,” Ms. Morgan said.

“Don’t wait for someone to get sick to intervene, but actually taking a truly preventative approach.”

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However, the focus will not be on diagnosing children with mental health conditions.

“With children, what we want to look at is a continuum of wellbeing,” Ms. Morgan said.

“We mean how we can help parents understand and recognize when their baby is performing well.”

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