September 23, 2021

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“My mistake will speak of grace for me” ~ Annie Idibia says in the midst of the marriage crisis

Fans of Nollywood actress Annie Idibia can breathe a sigh of relief as her latest post suggests the crisis in her marriage to legendary musician, 2face Idibia is fading slightly.

Annie Idibia once called 2Face Idibia for having an affair with her little mom and today took to social media to scream that she left her for America after lying to her that she has a shooting when we thought it was all about. placed between them.

According to Annie Idibia, her husband told her he has a take just for her to realize that he packed up almost all of his things and left for America without telling her, and now she can’t call anyone because they don’t answer.

Adding that her family hates her and is giving her hell for the past 10 years that she has been married to 2Face Idibia and now she can’t even call her manager or cousin because everyone thinks she is the problem and what she gives him problems.

2Face previously spoke to her fans, updating them on how she feels during the marriage saga, which sparked a conversation on social media and has remained a topic of discussion ever since.

Annie Idibia took to Instagram to write about how her mistake will favor her.

She wrote:

My mistake will speak GRACE for me.