July 29, 2021

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MUSICAL VIDEO: PROBEATZ – The war of the lion

Brand new video from Probeatz and it’s fun.

It is the soundtrack of Captain Mfombi science fiction series. The track is called The arm of the lion.

The track is quite fun to listen to, much like a lot of Probeatz’s music. In this case, it has Charles Mugaviri Jr writing and publishing. And yes, Invision Studios is about that.

We haven’t had a look at the series yet, which Probeatz stars in, but it looks both comical and, well, it has a comedic feel with largely rudimentary special effects. That has the effort worth applauding.

Right content?

The music video has the strong performative element of Probeatz which mixes the aforementioned with the staging for the camera.

Our assessment

Rating: 4 out of 6.

Clock The arm of the lion by Probeatz below and tell us what you think:

[ https://3-mob.com/entertainment/music-video-probeatz-tsimba-reshumba/ https://d26toa8f6ahusa.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/30214746/a-quiet-place-part-2-bigs-16.pdf