October 16, 2021

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More protests rock Australia after new vaccine warrants are announced

If someone had told you a year ago that Australia’s democratic government would become tyrannical due to COVID-19, you probably wouldn’t have believed them.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Australians have been virtually blocked for months even though the virus is not a problem in the country, and it is not because of the blockades. But even if it were, at some point Australian leaders, like the left across the West, let go of their fears of being “too tyrannical” and let the true authoritarianism within them run rampant.

The result: the once free people are now essentially prisoners in what used to be a gulag continent used by the British to house its most notorious criminals.

The Epoch Times provides more details:

On Saturday, Australians took to the streets for another protest in Melbourne, Victoria after the government announced a broad COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all “licensed workers”.

Victorian residents marched along Southbank Boulevard in central Melbourne and the track around the Royal Botanic Gardens. Participants carried a large white banner with the word “Freedom” and expressed their dissent against the vaccine mandates, blockades and the current state government.

Citizen journalist Rukshan Fernando has posted a video showing demonstrators marching peacefully and shouting phrases and slogans such as “my body, my choice” and “freedom now!” Others carry black umbrellas with the words “Coercion is not consent”, while others reject the leadership of the “dictator”.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, announced last week that any Australian on the state’s “licensed worker” list must receive the first dose of COVID-119 vaccine by October 15 and the second by November 26 to remain employed. . The Epoch Times said the mandate “covers a wide range of professions ranging from 1 million to 1.25 million people in Victoria.”

“The vaccination deadline is separate from another deadline that is imposed on those working in aged care, healthcare, construction, education and freight,” the news site continued.

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Videos show that the relatively small group of protesters were eventually greeted by a very heavy police presence, with a group of about two dozen officers seen chasing the protesters at one point as someone yelled at the cops, “[Expletive] you, Victoria Police! Shame on you!”

In other parts of the videos, officers are seen facing a series of protests and fighting on the ground before arresting them. Other officers are on horseback and are seen chasing protesters in a park as a helicopter is heard above them. The group stayed together for about 40 minutes before finally being dispersed by police actions, according to a live version of Fernando’s video.

After the police dispersed the crowd, at one point Fernando was heard talking to a woman off-screen. She tells him: “I am a teacher who will lose my job. … All the teachers out there who will have to say goodbye to their children… ”before starting to cry.

“Why are you excited today?” he asked the woman, who avoided appearing on the camera.

“Because I’m going to have to say goodbye to my class, and they’ve been through enough [expletive], and I’ll just have to say hello to them because I’m not getting a hit, and they haven’t been through enough? ”she says.

Still crying, she added: “It’s not fair that I’m literally considering getting a vaccine for them. It’s not for my protection, that’s how I can teach these 9-year-olds. How okay?”

As Australia has become increasingly authoritarian over COVID mandates, in which citizens are about to lose their jobs for “non-compliance,” the same is happening in America.

Literally millions of our citizens risk being unemployed in days, not weeks, due to the mandate.

What happened to ‘my body, my choice?’ Or heck, just plain freedom and freedom?

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