October 16, 2021

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More people killed in a bow and arrow attack in Norway

Daily mail: At least five people killed and more injured by a man with a bow and arrow in Norway: Police investigate the motives of terrorism as suspect is arrested after looting the city south of Oslo for more than 30 minutes by shooting random victims

* At least five people killed and others injured by a man using a bow and arrow

* The suspect looted the Norwegian city for 30 minutes, firing at random

Police arrested the male suspect after the attack in Kongsberg, Norway on Wednesday

* Officials said they believe the suspect was acting alone and are investigating why

At least five people were killed and two more injured by a man who used a bow and arrow to carry out attacks in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg.

Police arrested the suspect after raiding the city for 30 minutes by randomly shooting victims and are investigating a possible motive for the terror.

“We can unfortunately confirm that there are several injuries and unfortunately many deaths in this episode,” police officer Oyvind Aas said at a news conference.

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