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Moldovan Women: The Ultimate Guide | 2020 Edition

Moldovan Women: The Ultimate Guide | 2020 Edition

Moldova is perhaps the most mysterious country in all of Eastern Europe, and for a good reason. For better or for worse, Moldova is a nation that appears to be stuck in the past. Full of Soviet-era nostalgia, it’s as if time has stood still since the 1990s. Visited by very few, most people are completely unaware of the treasures that exist in the country. Little do they know, Moldova a true hidden gem of a nation that is home to some of the most beautiful women on earth. Today, we present to you our Ultimate Guide to Moldovan Women.

Let’s get started!

Welcome to Moldova

Moldova is often referred to as Eastern Europe’s “final frontier.” It is the second least visited country on earth, second only to Kiribati. For reference, Kiribati is a remote chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean that’s less than 800 square kilometers in size.

So yeah, you could say Moldova is remote. Perhaps one of the most remote places in Europe. Unlike Ukraine, a country that’s been in the news a fair amount recently, most people from the West have never even heard of Moldova.

And that’s a good thing.

Moldova is nestled between Romania and Ukraine, two countries that are known for having some of the most gorgeous women on earth. Though both Ukraine and Romania are both rather poor, developing countries, Moldova takes the cake in terms of just how run down it is.

Sure, Ukraine is the second poorest country in Europe.

But, can you guess what the poorest is?

That’s right…Moldova.

The interesting thing is, there’s quite a big difference between the relative level of poverty in Ukraine, and that which exists in Moldova. For example, while Ukraine may not have the world’s best infrastructure, the vast majority of Moldovan roads and sidewalks are crumbling.

Even in the direct city center, the place is pretty banged up and hasn’t been rebuilt since Soviet times. This is the type of stuff that you only see on the sidestreets of Ukraine.

In Moldova, it’s basically everywhere.

As such, Moldova is a place of great contrasts. While the buildings and infrastructure may be rough on the eyes, the women are perhaps the hottest on earth.

Introduction to Moldovan Women

Generally speaking, we’d say that nothing genetically superior about Moldovan women over Ukrainian women. Both cultures place a high value on female beauty. Women are thin, feminine, and (usually) eager to please their men.

But, there’s one key difference between the two countries that has actually made it such that Moldova most likely now holds the title of being home to the world’s most beautiful women.

Travel Restrictions

On October 1st, 2019, Ukrainian citizens were granted visa-free access to 126 different countries around the world. As such, any Ukrainian girl with a passport is now able to travel to anywhere in Europe (minus the United Kingdom) without a visa.

Previously, Ukrainian citizens would have to pay consular fees, wait weeks (or even months) and possibly be denied if they wished to travel to many countries outside of Ukraine.

And, if their visa is denied? That’s about $100 down the drain that’s not getting refunded. Considering the average salary in Ukraine is barely $400, this is no small fee for the average Ukrainian.

As a result, most Ukrainian girls hardly ever traveled. But, with the Ukrainian passport, this is a thing of the past.

Ukrainian girls are moving beyond Ukraine.

While this is good news for Ukrainians, things like this most certainly impact the concentration of high-quality women in a given area.

Think about it.

Ukrainian Girls Go Abroad – Should You Care?

Now, Ukrainian girls with a small budget and a desire to make a better life for themselves are free to move throughout Europe in search of greener pastures.

Put one of these women in a place like Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and she’s going to be hounded with attention from the local men.

Just like a Western man is a hot commodity when he travels to a developing country like Ukraine or Moldova, a Ukrainian woman is looked at the same in a Western nation.

If she’s truly beautiful, she’ll have her pick of the highest quality men in whatever part of Europe she visits. She’s gone from having to pick between village boys and software developers making $500 a month to guys with six-packs, high salaries and supercars.

Plus, with how most Western women look these days, she’ll absolutely smoke the competition.

Granted, most Ukrainian women don’t have the means to travel, nor do they want to leave their families behind. In fact, we’d argue that the types of Ukrainian girls you actually want to be in a relationship with are modest, hometown types of girls. Not Instagram models getting offers to get flown out to Dubai for the weekend.

But, this does happen enough that it’s worth considering when looking for a mate.

The situation in Moldova, however, is completely different.

Moldovan Girls Are Stuck…in Moldova

Women are, generally speaking, always looking for the best “deal” for themselves when choosing a partner. A woman will evaluate a man based on a whole host of factors, including his looks, his body, his financial standing, and his ability to provide.

All women are like this, even in the West. In fact, it’s a biologically evolved response for a woman to always be asking herself “is this the best I can do?”

That’s not to say that a woman will always leave her partner for someone better. But, it is to say that women are acutely aware of your ranking in society.

Herein is the dirty trick you can use when trying to maximize your love life in foreign locales. Your “status” is significantly higher by simply being foreign in a place where, sadly, the local men are sometimes not the best prospects for dating and long term relationships.

Your Value Is Higher Abroad…Especially In Moldova

A Moldovan or Ukrainian girl may look at a regular Western man who’s in good shape, dresses well, and makes $50,000 a year as being the absolute best she can do.

Let’s consider it from the perspective of the trusty 1 – 10 scale. A 1 is the ugliest, most unpleasant lady imaginable, and a 10 is your dream girl.

She could be a total knockout 9 out, and though you might be a 7 in the West, you’re a 10 in a country like Moldova or Ukraine.

The lifting of travel restrictions on Ukrainians has given their women the ability to go out into the world and get swooped up by rich men, athletes, and rockstars.

Sigh…such is life.

That’s not to say that it’s all about money. But, let’s just say that hunting captive prey is easier than hunting in the wild.

Personally, I encourage you to become the best version of yourself. You can maximize yourself physically, financially, and personally while living in a low-cost country like Ukraine.

That way, you’re not only a genuinely high-value man, but you’re also in a market where it’s easier for even an average man to do well with the ladies.

Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

I digress. The point here is that while some of the hottest women in Ukraine may now be living outside of Ukraine, the hottest Moldovan girls are stuck in Moldova.

As a result, a Western man has serious access to women that may be “out of his league” at home. Granted, you’re still a hot commodity as a foreigner in Ukraine. But, if there’s any European country where your foreign status is most pronounced, it’s going to be Moldova.

Looking for a beautiful woman in Ukraine is often compared to shooting fish in a barrel.

In Moldova, it’s like fishing with dynamite.


Moldovan women could be described as Slavic women…with a twist.

The average Moldovan lady will look extremely Slavic. Medium height, light eyes, and blonde hair (fake or not) are all common.

The interesting aspect of Moldova is that, like Serbia, it is what is known as a Balkan country.

The Balkans are a chain of countries in Southeastern Europe that were once part of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. As a result, Moldovans have been mixing with people of other nationalities for centuries. Moldova has been under the control of dozens of different countries in the past, making it something of a genetic melting pot.

Moldovan women are fair-skinned, with a tint of olive. They may have blonde hair or dark hair. Dark-colored eyes are most common, but it’s not unlikely to find a woman with bright blue eyes as well.

Beauty Remains #1

Of course, Moldovan women are expected to be thin, well kept, and feminine. Socially enforced beauty standards are a central part of female interactions in Moldova. On top of that, Moldovan women tend to have impeccable taste in fashion.

Despite the fact that they may be living off of a salary of a few hundred euros a month, Moldovan women manage to appear to be amateur stylists and fashionistas, always being dressed to the 9’s. It never ceases to amaze me how they manage to do this by throwing together finds from the bargain bin, the thrift shop, and hand-me-downs.

In other words, Moldovan women are smoking hot. There are few countries (other than Ukraine) where there are so many 10/10’s walking the streets at all times of the day.

The Personalities of Moldovan Women

Moldovan women are remarkably similar to Ukrainian women in terms of their attitudes and approach to life.

At first, you may find Moldovan women to be somewhat standoffish and cold (if meeting in person). Generally speaking, Slavic women can often be skeptical of outsiders, particularly if you’re just approaching them on the street to say hello. Granted, if you’re meet Moldovan women on a website where you already know she’s interested in speaking with men, this won’t be an issue.

Even still, it is important that you put yourself out there and risk being rejected. There’s not a woman in the world who does not appreciate a man they find attractive putting himself out there to say “hello” to her.

What I enjoy most about Moldovan women is that they can be a bit more lively than other Slavic women. Similar to other Balkan women, they have a bit of a “fire” in their personalities that I enjoy immensely.

They tend to enjoy socializing, drinking wine (Moldovans claim to have invented wine), and going on dates. While a Ukrainian girl may remain frigid for the first date or two, Moldovan women typically loosen up after a short while.

Be A Gentleman, But Don’t Be A Pushover

Further, Moldovan women appreciate a gentleman, but a strong-willed one at that. During the dating process, displays of affection such as flowers are always appreciated. You’re expected to hold open the door for her, hold her coat for her while she puts it on, and “lead” the interaction between the two of you.

And, while she expects to be treated like a lady, Moldovan women expect you to act like a man. Eastern European women expect their men to be decisive, dependable, and an all-around “solid” guy.

Masculinity and femininity have a “give and take” type of relationship. If you want a beautiful, feminine woman, you must work on being a strong, masculine man.

Online Dating With Moldovan Women

Considering that Moldova is one of the least visited countries on earth, we’d imagine you’re probably not getting on a plane to Chisinau any time soon.

As such, you’re going to want a “pipeline” of sorts into the country to have a look at single, local women to see if it’s worth checking out.

For this, we suggest no other site than Russian Cupid. Moldova in and of its is far too small of a country to have a dedicated dating app. But, loads of Moldovan women are currently using Russian Cupid to chat with men from all around the world.

Russian Cupid is run by the same company that runs our favorite dating site, Ukraine Date. Headed off by an award-winning trust & safety team, Russian Cupid works to ensure there are thousands of active, authentic profiles on the site at all times.

In other words, it’s your best bet for meeting Moldovan women online.

Best of all, it’s free to try.

Click here to sign up for Russian Cupid and have a look at Moldovan women.

Living in Moldova?

Living in Moldova is most certainly not for the faint of heart. But, it is doable.

In contrast, Ukraine was a bit rougher 20 years ago. Granted, prices were lower than they are today, real estate cost next to nothing, and very few people ever left the country.

You could look at Moldova today in a similar light. For people who are willing to dive in, you could have a serious goldmine on your hands.

Granted, while living in Ukraine is inconvenient, a long term stay in Moldova would prove outright challenging at times. English levels are far lower than in Ukraine, and it can be somewhat more dangerous at times as well.

Even still, these are minor concerns. Especially for a truly ambitious person who wanted to set up shop here.

The country is a completely untapped wellspring, even more so than Ukraine. Costs are dirt cheap (even cheaper than Ukraine), women are beautiful, and most people have never met a foreigner.

Who knows…if things ever go south here in Ukraine, we’d be giving Moldova some serious consideration.

Conclusion: We LOVE Moldovan Women

Moldovan women are beautiful, traditional, and eager to meet foreign men. What’s not to love? It’s a completely unspoiled country that very few foreigners ever visit. If you’re up for an adventure, we can’t suggest Moldova enough.

As a man looking to maximize his value overseas, there are few places in existence better than Moldova.

Good luck out there!

-Expat Ukraine

PS: If you want to meet Moldovan women, check out this website.