September 18, 2021

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Mercy Aigbe in Real Life Vs on Instagram, see the difference

Mercy Aigbe in real life according to the photo that airs on social media is not as fair of complexion compared to her photos on Instagram and even if she is beautiful in real life, she can never be compared to her beauty on Instagram.

If these photos of Mercy Aigbe are truly true, then it is evident that most of our female celebrities have lied to us about how beautiful and elegant they are by passing on a lot of things to others just to look perfect like them in real life.

We know Mercy Aigbe is indeed a spec, as she said, both in real life and on Instagram, but that doesn’t negate the fact that she’s been telling us lies about having an immaculate body and shape when it comes to editing work.

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It will be better for people not to kill themselves trying to have a perfect body like some of these celebrities online because most of them are all photo edited so it will be better to live your life in happiness loving yourself just the way you are.

Yesterday, the real-life and Instagram photo of famed Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky also went viral on social media.

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