June 19, 2021

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Meet Serene Teffaha, the OZ Government CV-19 Corruption Lawyer and Win!

You won’t hear or read this story about ABC, which has become the flagship propaganda slut of the Coronavirus fear and disgust blocking program. But other news channels have told the story of this renegade Victorian lawyer who took off his gloves and got startling results.

When RM says ‘winning’ we should really say that his work is successfully exposing the breadth and depth of corruption between state and federal governments in relation to the severe damage caused by the Corona Virus blockades and the economic chaos and public harms that come with it.

As you read, you will also see that Serene now approaches Senator Heffernan’s courageous status in exposing the systemic corruption of the judiciary in supporting pedophile crimes in Australia.

His actions have recently resulted in him being awarded a unique badge of honor for his efforts. Her operating license was suspended by the Victorian Legal Services Commission in direct response to her efforts to protect a child from harm that led to a Queensland magistrate filing a lawsuit against her.

Congratulations on this Serena award and we are all confident that the decision will be overturned with profound implications for the judicial and administrative reform of the ‘brotherhood’.

Please, if you haven’t already, see the terrible warning from Senator Heffernan denouncing pedophiles within the government, police and judiciary in 2015, such as the bogus Royal Commission on Institutional Child Abuse, he conveniently chose to ignore his recommendations.

Serene presses more buttons on a daily basis than a girl at Coles’ checkout (person!) As readers will soon see.

For those who have some time, check out her full post from her site which revealed what happened when she chose to represent a grandmother acting to protect her grandson from harm. This is a chilling video and readers need to be warned in advance of the profound level of police and judiciary corruption that underpins Australia’s pedophile network.

Moving on, we provide some gems from the mainstream press who evidently see the importance and value of his legal work and have provided coverage.

A real juicy read here:

“If we need to shed blood, so be it”: class action lawyer for COVID-19 restrictions goes off script

Of Harriet alexander January 12, 2021 – 18:42

The article begins with a statement to discredit her of course, straight from the insensitive mainstream media’s rulebook.

One academic described the coronavirus protest movement as a whale shark, with every anti-5G, anti-vaxxer, medical skeptic, snake oil seller, and far-right libertarian feeding on it like a pilot fish. Ms. Teffaha, who came out of obscurity to reinvent herself as a “human rights lawyer” last year, has emerged as their advocate.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that it rose to prominence during a pandemic, a time when unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the dangers of 5G and the origins and spread of the coronavirus swirled feverishly.

Coming to the crux of his point and that of many defying the bold new illegal normality:

Ms. Teffaha appeared at a rally in Broadmeadows on December 6 to pursue her thesis against coronavirus restrictions, with a speech describing bureaucrats as “liars”, judges as “corrupt” and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. (AHPRA) as “the most terrorist organization.” He also said there was no need to wear masks at a time when they were mandatory in numerous circles in Victoria.

“This is gaslighting,” he said.

“This is abusive behavior. This is not active and we will call them back and if these judges are bribed we will call the judges on it.

“We will continue to call them all until there is a revolution in the streets and if we need to shed blood for peace, then so be it.”

Ms. Teffaha was previously a senior attorney at the Australian Taxation Office, but left after filing a complaint from an informant and subsequently sued the ATO.

Challenging the Australian government and the judicial network of embedded pedophiles, the illegality of the Coronavirus blockade and the corruption of the ATO was the winning hat trick for the unceremonious start of the disowned lawyers from the legal fraternity.

This article doesn’t exactly introduce the true origins of license cancellation, but here it is.

Watchdog cancels the license of the lawyer who led the case for the blockade of the tower

An attorney who filed a class action lawsuit over the mandatory coronavirus blockade of nine public housing towers in Melbourne had his license canceled by the state’s Council of Legal Services.

The board confirmed that it had canceled lawyer Serene Teffaha’s license, stating that the Melbourne lawyer no longer has a practice certificate and cannot practice law practice.

Later in the article, the true cause is revealed:

On several occasions he criticized government programs and institutions on social networks, including a dispute with members of the judiciary. He said his previous activism included advocating for survivors of child sexual abuse and family violence, government transparency and whistleblowers.

Take on Australia’s perverted judges and politicians and see what happens, the same terrible warning given by Senator Heffernan under the umbrella of parliamentary privilege.

A senior member of the family court of Australia, Deputy Principal Registrar Virginia Wilson, sent a letter to the Victorian Legal Services Board in January about Ms. Teffaha’s conduct in a family law case when Justice Kirsty Marion Macmillan fulfilled the law. unusual initiative of preventing Ms Teffaha from representing her client.

Deputy Chief Magistrate of the Queensland Magistrates’ Court Anthony Gett referred Ms. Teffaha to the Queensland Legal Services Commission during a court hearing.

In January, Ms. Teffaha said that The family court had “a lot of corruption problems”, which resulted in the condemnation of the Australian Bar Association and the Law Council. They said his comments were “unfounded, inappropriate and threatening” from the criminal justice system and warned there was no place for the claims.

Ms. Teffaha accused the judges of perverting the course of justice.

As we have seen from this brief overview, Serene does not take prisoners in relation to pedophile systemic corruption, illegal blockades and ATO corruption… well done Sereno!

Where from here?

Visit the lawyer website and provide support before other lawyers are kicked out of the fraternity for fighting for human rights and against government and judicial corruption. Flatten the corruption curve before it’s too late.


Share this article on social media and pray for people to wake up and support the last remaining free-thinking and brave lawyers.

Readers who wish to explore the media, police and government cover-up of systemic pedophile networks can read about the solved The missing children of Beaumont cold case also ignored by the media, the police and the judiciary.