October 16, 2021

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Meet another left-wing pied piper who brings together the idiots useful for the Marxist cultural revolution

It’s not every day that you see a woman in a babydoll-shaped dress sway like the whimsical inflatable tube dude of a car dealer as he lectures on climate change.

Well, today is your lucky day!

This is Toni Nagy. She is a comedian, sketch comedy creator, director, who has written for Salon, Alternet, Huffington Post, Hairpin, Thought Catalog and more. It is on different media platforms and also has a blog. Oh, and I’ll add: skilled propagandist.

Did I nail it or what?

A juvenile analysis that undoubtedly reaches a startling and naive conclusion. But who is your target audience? I have said it before and I say it now. There is no doubt that the revolutionaries are the cultural Marxists. What group of people sits on top and pulls the strings of both “useful idiots” and revolutionaries? ” Ah, here’s the problem.

Is Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Gal (WWITG) a true believer, a useful idiot, a revolutionary, or maybe all three? It makes no difference as its audiences are those who live in a fictional world that is gender neutral, without a war, everything is equal, freedom without accountability, and incredible amounts of narcissism. They can’t see the ropes or the curtains. There is no nuance or discernment, just non-critical black and white thinking. In truth, it is as if these people are not even conscious and / or similar to artificial intelligence algorithms.

Seriously, is anyone shocked to learn that large, sophisticated weapons on land, sea and air use fuel or create chemical emissions? Or that the logistical movement of hundreds of thousands of troops involves oil-consuming transport? The straw man is that the US military consumes only oil and produces a carbon footprint. The convulsive speaker offers no other reason for its existence than as a cause for the extinction of humanity from “anthropogenic global warming”.

Frankly, his diatribe is not worth the writer’s profound efforts to dismantle sentence by sentence. Instead, I’m just offering a few in the face – back up that thing, key points:

  • No, the US military is not the number one contributing factor to global warming. This fluttering creature most likely got this claim from a dubious study that can be read here. Ironically, the study argues that the US military if a country would be the 47th largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world, not the number one.
  • The framing of why we have an army and what would happen if we didn’t have an army is too ridiculous to waste time typing.
  • Assuming you apply his logic to frame the narrative, the main contributors are numerous before the US military: Water vapor, volcanoes, the sun, just to name a few.
  • Here is the list of countries that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and the United States is not the first. China it emits nearly double the amount of greenhouse gases in the United States, which it surpassed in 2006 as the world’s leading contributor of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Today, the country accounts for around 23% of all global CO2 emissions. China and India together account for 35% of the world’s CO2 emissions.
  • The United States did not make wars “to get the oil. ” The number one oil contract after the invasion of Iraq went to China.
  • “If we didn’t fight these wars we wouldn’t use so much oil, we are like a snake eating its own tail”. The incredible irony of posting this message on social media with a camera phone. Here is a list of over 6000 things humans use based on petroleum products, computers and cell phones are on the list.
  • 2021– the United States has 750 military bases, not 800 worldwide (minus the ones we just set up in Afghanistan, and we have fewer) located in 80 countries. The US military serves as the primary defense for many of those countries and protects the shipping routes that power and feed the planet.
  • The United States is not the “Empire Bully” of the world.

But guess what?

This is a brilliant agitprop that works on useful idiots! Just like AOC and the absurd outfit from Tax The Rich Met Gala, they absorb it like wildlife trapped in an oil spill (too snarky?). It doesn’t matter if the logic of (WWITG) is sound or if the facts are correct. The post has 1.8 million views and scales!

Symbolism over substance, or in this case, nails on an awkward blackboard to watch a frantic interpretive dance that you can’t look away and have to repost. The hypocrisy of AOC’s acrobatics didn’t matter to the useful idiots, only the frenzied emotions and the sense of attaching it to the rich mattered. Same with (WWITG) who spelled out all acceptable buzzwords as he fidgeted about – Co2, climate change, military industrial complex, war, fossil fuels – right …

Yet another graphic representation of the end of Western civilization. The left should view this Pied Piper as a keeper as he effectively indoctrinates useful idiots who parrot it, never tapping into critical thinking skills.

Cultural Marxists are winning the hearts and minds of all useful idiots one Tik Tok or another social media platform and university at a time. I’m afraid the size of their zombie cult is growing exponentially every hour.

These “useful idiots” will be the Trojan horse of the revolutionaries to bring down our Republic from within.

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